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The future of rail ticketing

From token systems to card systems, from individual operator ticketing to an integrated transport ticketing system, rail ticketing has evolved significantly over the years. As we move into the digital age, what lies in the future of rail ticketing? Are we moving towards a card-based or a cloud-based future?

When it comes to rail ticketing and fare collection in Singapore, Silvester Prakasam is the man to meet.

As Director, Fare Systems at the Land Transport Authority, Silvester has undertaken several ticketing initiatives, including Integrated Ticketing providing common fare structure for entire public transport network since 1989. This includes the development of the EZ-Link card that is being widely used for paying transporation fees in Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT) and public bases.

In 1998, Silvester was tasked to implement a common smart card system for public transport. With a total budget of US$200 million and 4 years of the planning, piloting and implementation, the project was completed in 2002. Since then, the system has been expanded to into several alternative uses.

Silvester and his team also went a step further to improve the ticketing system with the introduction of Distance Fares in July 2010 so that the commuters can enjoy the best savings. However, that’s not all. Silvester and his team are exploring new improvements and initiatives are continuously being the planned and piloted to improve the ticketing process for the 6.7 million trips made daily.

Find out what are these new initiatives are and what lies ahead in the future of rail ticketing with Silvester as he shares his perspectives at the 18th Annual Asia Pacific Rail conference.

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Silvester will be sharing a presentation on The impact of recent ticketing innovations on emerging economies at the Rail Ticketing and Revenue Theatre on the 23rd of March 2016. He will also be joining other rail ticketing experts on the Ticketing Panel: Rethinking fare payments: Will the future of ticketing be card-based or cloud-based?

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