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Ensuring Operational Readiness with Melissa Alessandrini

As the backbone of transportation, urban metro services are not only important modes of transport for the daily rush, they are sometimes, the only available and easily accessible mode of transportation, especially during special occasions. With aging assets, terrorism threats, larger national celebrations and more, there is a great need for rail operators to ensure that their networks are ready to deal with these out of the ordinary situations.

A key to managing passenger experience and expectations during these emergencies is being prepared. If you want to know to better prepare for these unforeseen situations and how to effectively resolve them, then you should meet Melissa Alessandrini, who is the General Manager of Network Readiness at Public Transport Victoria. From planned special events and timetable changes to unplanned major incidents and disruptions, Melissa and her team of experts will make sure that the rail networks is ready so that nothing will stand in the way of allowing passengers to have an enjoyable journey across Victoria.
To do so, a large part Melissa’s daily responsibilities lies in driving compliance with PTV’s obligations in the field of Emergency Management, and ensuring the core competency and capability as a control agency for major public transport emergencies or threats. By doing so, Melissa and her team are able to ensure both PTV and the operators are ready and able to implement network service changes successfully, ensuring a seamless transition for public transport customers.

So if you to improve your metro’s operational readiness during emergencies or learn more about contingency plans at PTV, don’t miss Melissa’s presentation at the 18th Annual Asia Pacific Rail conference.

Register now and be prepared against the unexpected.

Melissa will be a speaker at the upcoming Asia Pacific Rail 2016 conference, March 22-23 2016 in Hong Kong. She will be sharing her insights on Managing customer experience during major projects in Victoria.

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