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Resignalling metro networks with Richard Wong

As the signalling systems of developed metros in the region reach the age of replacement, rail operators face a key challenge in resignalling. From the design, coordination, migration of the system and the commissioning of the system, the high complexity of the systems and the need to minimise disruption to existing operations, make resignalling a great challenge. Furthermore, as the final phase of resignalling, the commission and testing can be the most difficult part as it is the moment of truth that determines if the months of efforts have been successful or if more work is needed.

Leading the resignalling of Singapore’s metro is Richard Wong, Principal Fellow, Systems, of SMRT Trains Ltd.

Richard WongAs a rail veteran with more than 35 years of experience working in the rail transport sector, Richard has worked in a number of urban metros including London Underground and City Rails of New South Wales. In Singapore, he is primarily responsible for overseeing the implementation of major asset replacement and upgrade projects of the rail systems. These include the implementations of major Resignalling Project of NSEW line, replacement of Communication Transmission Backbone Network, Replacement of Fare-gates system and upgrade of the Supervisory Control System. He also take charge of technology innovation and development of specific railway products, such as Automatic Fare Gates, General Ticketing Machines, Security Access Systems and Passenger Information Systems.

Speaking at the 18th Asia Pacific Rail 2016 conference next week, Richard will be sharing about the testing and commission challenges encountered in migration towards CBTC. Based on the resignalling of the NSEW line, he will also be sharing best practices such as balancing priorities, optimising resources and combining tests to catalyse migration process as well as other to avoid during trial runs.

If you are a rail operator undertaking brownfield signalling projects, make sure you don’t miss out on Richard’s presentation at Asia Pacific Rail. He will also be joining other key signalling experts from London Undeground and MTR Corporation to discuss about resignalling best practices.

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