Incorporating tomorrow’s future into today’s operational rail strategy

Metros and city rail services today are facing a multitude of challenges – urbanisation, customer expectations and demands, aging populations, climate change, terrorism, business sustainability in commercial terms, choices of assets and technology and more. That’s why having a robust and effective operational strategy is key to ensure that the hundreds of thousands or even millions of commuters are transported to their desired destination in the right time with minimal disruption.Not only does your metro need to meet current passenger needs, it also needs to incorporate the future, accommodating future growth and demand for increase reliability, timeliness and capability.

At Asia Pacific Rail ealier this year in Hong Kong, Dr Jacob Kam, then Operations Director and current Managing Director of MTR Corporation, Hong Kong, shared about the operational strategy behind the highly successful metro:

  • How can we shift towards becoming a Customer-Centric Service?
  • What is the best experience for our customers?
  • How can we develop the right processes and assets to enhance experience?
  • How can an Operator deliver the desired customer experiences?
  • How to develop people to deliver the desired customer experiences?

Download the full presentation here

Asia Pacific Rail 2017 will be organised from 21-22 March 2017 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, once again bringing the latest updates and development disrupting the APAC’s rail industry. More more updates and information, visit


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