Modernising Hong Kong’s ‘Ding Dings’

In 2015, a controversial idea to remove trams from Hong Kong’s Central Business District to ease traffic congestion was met with overwhelming objection. Anyone who has been to Hong Kong will know that the trams, affectionately known as ‘Ding Dings’ among the locals, is an iconic mode of public transport which has traversed the streets on the island for 110 years.

Besides its long heritage and iconic status, locals love it for its low fares and the short distance between each stop. While it’s well-loved by locals, that hasn’t stopped its ridership from dwindling in Hong Kong’s efficient public transport system. The trams face competition from the extensive metro and bus networks. Furthermore, with growing congestion on the roads, the trams are often blocked by private vehicles and this aggravates the traffic jams in the CBD.

The man tasked with leading Hong Kong’s beloved ‘Ding Dings’ on the road to modernization is Emmanuel Vivant. As the Managing Director of Hong Kong Tramways, he has implemented several initiatives including an improved schedule based on passenger usage data and delivering real-time arrival information to smartphones. The latest innovation is an air-conditioned tram to keep passengers cool in Hong Kong’s hot summer.

Join us at Asia Pacific Rail 2017 as Emmanuel Vivant, Managing Director of Hong Kong tramways and CEO – RATP Dev Transdev Asia, shares more about the strategies he has adopted to drive the Ding Dings on its path to modernisation.


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