The growing threat of cyber attacks on rail systems

Extensive use of IT and automated computer systems in the rail industry, coupled with increasing adoption of emerging technologies like machine to machine sensors, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, has led to greater levels of operational efficiency and optimisation. Like a double-edged sword, it also introduced new vulnerabilities to the systems, increasing the risk of malicious cyber attacks that could damage rail systems and endanger passengers’ safety.

The threat of cyber attacks to real systems is becoming very real and could become a dreaded reality in the very near future. According to cyber security firm Darktrace, the UK rail network was infiltrated by hackers four times over the past year. Although the infiltrations were more exploratory than disruptive in intention, this has definitely sparked concerns that hackers could already possess the knowledge and skills to hack into large computer management systems controlling trains and signals.

Rail is a type of heavy capacity mode of transport, carrying thousands of passengers on a single trip. A cyber attack on one train can endanger large number of lives. Prioritising passengers’ safety, transport authorities and rail operators are investing in tighter digital security measures and working with various stakeholders and security specialists to tackle this threat.

Join us at Asia Pacific Rail 2017 as Michele Hanson, Chief Information Security Officer for Transport for London shares with us TfL’s strategies in protecting rail systems from cyber threats. A Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Information Security Manager, Michele joined TfL in 2013 from Network Rail. Prior to that she was working with the United States Navy supporting international operations and Cyber Command. With extensive experience in the field of cyber security, you should not miss her presentation at Asia Pacific Rail.

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