Kaohsiung Circular Line – World’s first cable-free light rail system

Kaohsiung light rail system is the world’s first light rail system to run on a fully catenary-free route. Instead of overhead electrical lines that power most light-rail trains, Taiwan’s system uses a high-energy wireless charging technology that is housed at each station.

The tram cars are powered by an innovative technology. They are equipped with rapid charge accumulators, a new type of supercapacitor that will store power for the cars. Supercapacitors store less energy than batteries, but they charge much faster and this enables the cars to recharge when they stop at stations.

This forefront technology is also more energy efficient. Wireless charging reduces light rail electricity consumption by 30 percent compared with trains that use cables.

Phase 1 of the network has been completed and it has been operating on a free trial basis since October 2015. Phase 2 construction will only start until Kaohsiung urban railway is located underground in 2017. The full route is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Chung Li-Jung, Deputy Director-General, will be at Asia Pacific Rail 2017 to share more about innovations on Kaohsiung’s Light Rail network, future development of the network and how it integrates into the existing public transport system to create a seamless commuting experience.

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Photo Credit: Markus Grossalber

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