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Lantech Whitepaper – LTDP* (Lantech Train Discovery Protocol)

In recent years Lantech have focused on the train application market, and in developing a new solution to help customers in solving a variety of problems within the onboard train market. Compared to the general Industrial Controls & automation markets, the onboard train market has a greater requirement for control & management of IP based equipment, this is very different to industrial control & automation markets. With this in mind, Lantech have developed a propriety technology to meet these requirements.

A problem with the onboard train applications are the dynamic environment, trains are changeable, for example, carriages can be changed in order, carriages added during peak periods, and removed during off peak times, also during maintenance carriages will be changed to meet these requirements, This is the challenge as equipment needs to be re-configured to enable the systems to function as required. The solution is to create a system to enable auto configuration and recognition for such changeable applications

Interested to find out how Lantech Communications has managed to achieve this? Download their full white paper here.

Lantech Communications Global Inc is an exhibitor of Asia Pacific Rail 2018 and will be showcasing their latest technologies and solutions at Booth B05 from 20-21 March 2018 at HKCEC, Hong Kong.

About Lantech Communications Global Inc.

With a long background in IP Ethernet products, Lantech brings the best network solutions for industrial and IP networks to the marketplace. The Lantech group is devoted to providing feature rich, high-quality networking solutions with outstanding service and support to our world-wide partners. Lantech offers a complete family of hardened and non-hardened networking products in support of the global transition to all Ethernet services. Lantech products and solutions provide for the delivery of universal Ethernet services across various markets and applications. Lantech products are successfully delivery our solutions around the globe, including expressway lane control system of Korea, bus system in Spain, tram system in Finland, train in France, Japan’s highway system, outdoor wireless surveillance system in Malaysia, military truck system in Vietnam, and city surveillance system in Romania, etc.  For more information, please visit

About Asia Pacific Rail 2018

Bringing together rail professionals for over 20 years, Asia Pacific Rail is one of Asia’s premier railway industry events. Supported by MTR and attended by movers and shakers of Asia’s rail sector, the event will feature 8 theatres, covering exciting developments in rail freight, mainlines, high-speed rail and metros. The exhibition will feature leading exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in signaling, communications, track infrastructure, rolling stock, automated ticketing system, asset management, condition monitoring, mainline, construction and more.

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