How secure is your railway infrastructure today?

Today railway operations are under threat from everywhere. Privatisation and digitalisation have added so many more contractors and third parties that manage maintenance yards and general infrastructure. Access control and key management are getting even more complicated over multiple locations and users. Digitalisation also creates vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Locomotives and carriages are becoming smarter and more connected. High speed rail networks are developing at an unprecedented rate globally. Yet there are still many legacy systems still in use for security and safety. Within all this, there are no standardised global signal, track, infrastructure, security and safety regulations or formats.

Do you know how secure your railway infrastructure is? What are your options to secure your railway operation by combining security, safety and effectivity in railway access management?

Abloy and Ramboll have been cooperating to analyse the major weak points in the rail system and implement secure solutions.

Ian Sacs, Market Manager of Ramboll, will present the general topic of securing rail infrastructure at the Asia Pacific Rail exhibition. He will be joined by Pauli Jormanainen, Regional Director of Abloy, who will show how these issues have been successfully managed with Abloy’s advanced electromechanical locking technology and access control management solutions.

Abloy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technology.

Ramboll is a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945.

Welcome to the free seminar presentation, taking place on March 20th at 13:30 at the Track Infrastructure & Project Management seminar theatre.

Abloy is an Exhibitor of Asia Pacific Rail 2019, taking place from 19-20 March 2019. We will be showcasing our latest technologies and innovations at Booth A13.

Registration to the free expo is now open. Register for your free pass to visit them here

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