Why railway companies should invest in electronic locking system to protect their operations?

One of the biggest challenges in the digital transformation of the global railway industry is merging existing legacy systems into the modern digital world. Older legacy systems based on mechanical technology are inferior in operational efficiency, safety and security compared to the modern digital technology available.

Here is why railway companies should invest in electronic locking system:

  1. Simplified and risk free key management

The complicated logistics and key management related to legacy system are all removed with digital solutions. With keys and access rights managed from a central online web based browser. Rights are also able to be validated on the go with smartphone apps. Simplifying everything. A huge convenience for critical infrastructure operations with multiple locations across vast distances, with large numbers of key holders.

  1. One key access to everywhere

The electronic key can be programmed remotely for each holder from a central location, for the exact time, date and place the access rights need to be valid for. Drastically reducing the number of keys to manage in your operation. If a key is lost, you can simply delete its access rights and eliminate the security risk. No need for the cost or downtime of rekeying either.

  1. Centralised and transparent access control management

The convenience of digital technology in smart keys, locks and access control systems takes logistics and confusion out of the equation. Opening up a whole new world of convenient mobile or web based access rights management, key control and transparency. There is also a full audit trail available, to track the movement of every key holder in your system. Adding up to a huge cost saving in travel, logistics and time.

  1. Security under all conditions

With legacy systems the threat of terrorism and vandalism remains as the potential areas of attack are still protected with mechanical keys, padlocks and other non-integrated systems. Abloy has the widest range of door cylinders, cabinet locks and Super Weather Proof padlocks that meet IP68 specifications. The entire range is made of the highest quality to withstand railways most extreme force and weather conditions, including cold, saltwater and dust. Abloy lock cylinders are made to the highest levels of security. Unsurpassed in durability, pick and bump proof. They can all be digitally connected.

  1. Safety across every access point

Encrypted and secure access management with our digital PROTEC2 CLIQ system gives you complete transparency across every lock and key. Ensuring that only the right people have access to the right places at the right time. It is essential to secure entry into restricted or ‘risky’ zones of critical infrastructure. This ensures all your rolling stock, infrastructure and stations are secured and maintained safely each day. Keeping every journey, cargo and most importantly passengers safe.

  1. Faster installations and implementation

The biggest asset of digital solutions is how quickly and cost efficiently they can be installed and implemented. Especially with Abloy’s electronic key and locking systems. The solutions are wire-free, with no cable installations needed. This creates savings on installation costs and time. The energy-efficiency of wireless doors delivers significant cost savings. The standard batteries locks have long lives, and only fully ‘power up’ when there’s a credential to read.

  1. Wireless, Bluetooth technology enables access rights on the go

Abloy has Bluetooth technology in the CLIQ Connect mobile solution that allows keyholders to validate access rights via their smartphone from anywhere. Perfect for managing access rights at remote locations. A complete audit trail is also available to manage and track all movement from the access management system.


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