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Seamless and sustainable mobility is getting closer to your imagination

With growing urbanization and population, the increase in traffic and logistics around the world have been presented with a myriad of challenges. To prevent being flooded by vehicles, the demand for robust urban mobility is rising, while many tech-savvy citizens will expect to get around affordably, easily, and quickly in the digital era.

Siemens Mobility, as a globally leading smart mobility solution provider, has been shaping passenger and freight services in the market. It has been serving as an active smart city developer worldwide with its intelligent transport systems. Powered by artificial intelligence, the data generated from a set of transformative applications facilitate movements of citizens and goods with greater efficiency while mitigating pollution and traffic congestion.

Siemens Mobility cares about every passenger and strives to move beyond and take people with door-to-door and sustainable mobility from the first mile to the last every day. That’s why Siemens Mobility, not only pushes forward a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art rail and road solutions, but it also brings the impact of their inclusiveness, affordability, sustainability, convenience, reliability, availability and safety, to the citizens, who are the end-users.


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“One App”: the beginning of seamless passenger experience

Take one of the on-demand mobility solutions as an example. How can a passenger travel better and enjoy door to door experience in your city every day? Here can be an answer: in the near future, simply one mobile application allows passengers to plan trips prior to the entire journey: manage integrated ticketing and payment, get real-time options for the fastest, cheapest or greenest options, and best routes recommendation information easily and efficiently. It is because all available modes of transport globally, like demand-responsive systems, trains, buses, autonomous shuttles, trams, ferries, car-sharing services, etc., can be fully integrated.

In particular, the Next Generation Ticketing opens up a new dimension of mobile ticketing and provides a smart solution for easy access and convenient connections. Traveling becomes a comfortable experience and one thing is guaranteed: No more ticket chaos!

The solutions serve not only passengers, but also mobility providers and operators. They create a foundation for new business models and open new revenue opportunities through an expanded multi- and intermodal offering, such as integration with shops. The analysis of mobility data enables further optimization of the range of services and a sustainable design of the transport landscape. Siemens Mobility has a number of global examples that bring this vision to reality, such as Rejseplanen’s country wide Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Denmark, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit’s seamless commuting in the US.

Rail as a key foundation of sustainable mobility

By taking a tour around many urban cities, an overload of vehicles can be seen, and traffic congestion is commonplace, meaning that autonomous vehicles will not be a long-term solution to growing traffic volumes, and will only add to the traffic challenges. If we want to improve congestion, vehicles can no longer be the backbone of an urban traffic system. Mass transit rail will play a key role in sustainable mobility and citizens are at the heart of the services and solutions.

Apart from the intermodal travel solutions and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), a few cutting-edge rail and road solutions combined are built to boost passenger experience, whilst making infrastructure intelligent, creating values for partners sustainably over the entire lifecycle, guaranteeing up to 100% availability.

Digital Station: multiple benefits to various stakeholders
Digital Station

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Based on strong integration of signalling and station management systems, Siemens Digital Station solutions have the capability to offer railway operators a complete solution suite. They range from station control systems over platform and mobile passenger information up to data analytics solutions which self-learn and create constantly new insights for optimization. Examples are capacity forecasting and train load indication in real-time, passenger flow and energy optimization dashboards in combination with the Siemens industrial IoT as a service solution platform – MindSphere. Particularly, the solutions guarantee up to 20% Operating Expenditure (OPEX) savings for mobility operators with optimized sub-systems and reduced energy consumption.

The proven technology is reflected in several cities globally, such as 28 stations of Hong Kong’s longest metro line get Siemens station management system; an asset condition monitoring data analytics project about Main Control System with MTR Corporation in Hong Kong; traincom broadband radio system for new driverless metro lines 9 and 10 in Barcelona; traincom broadband data services for varied passenger applications in 57 metro stations in Munich.

Railigent®: the solution to managing assets smarter

Managing rail assets is challenging. Predicting system failures beforehand is not easy without advanced solutions; in case the system fails, rail services are disrupted, and passengers are affected. Siemens Mobility’s open ecosystem Railigent® for best-in-class rail applications makes intelligent use of rail data and empowers operators to improve the return from their assets. Artificial intelligence and sophisticated data analytics are essential to achieve up to 100% availability, optimized maintenance and improved operations. Railigent® is open for everyone, such as customers and partners, and connects all members of the railway industry. The integration of 3rd-party applications from leading specialists in digitalized condition monitoring results in even more comprehensive asset management. With Railigent® rail transport is made more efficient, reliable and safe, in turn making passenger enjoy the train journey.

Railigent® is powered by MindSphere, the underlying Siemens IoT cloud-based operating system. MindSphere allows operators to connect machines and physical infrastructure across all industries to the digital world. The success in applying intelligent data gathering, monitoring, and data analytics for prescriptive maintenance can be seen in various sample references, such as increased availability of high-speed trains and joint use cases for analyzing electronic interlocking data in Germany; improved reliability for Thameslink trains in the United Kingdom; an asset condition monitoring data analytics project “Platform Screen Doors” with MTR in Hong Kong.

CBTC solutions: automate rail with higher safety, punctuality, and performance

For rail operators, the success is based on a number of factors, like safety, punctuality, convenience and capital and operational expenditure, as well as improved passenger experience. A higher-performance Communication-based Train Control (CNTC) signalling system is needed to drive maximum throughput and capacity. With Siemens intelligent Trainguard MT train control system, operators can count on 100% punctuality and a 20% reduction in energy expenditure thanks to automatic train operation. Increasing automation represents that the responsibility for operations management will gradually shift from drivers and operators to the system – leading to increased flexibility as well as improved performance, reliability, and maintainability. As the world’s leading automatic train control system provider for mass transit, our metro signalling systems can be found in many cities, such as Copenhagen, Beijing, Paris, Hong Kong, etc.

Electrification: more than optimizing energy efficiency

Reliable and continuous operation of metros systems is a key factor for a sustainable city. Assuring efficient operations, metro operators can increase the share of public transportation. With a high level of quality of service and quick, predictable trip times from A to B, passengers are rather willing to choose the metro for their daily journeys to meet family and friends, travel to work or discover new cities. The availability of the necessary power supply is a major prerequisite for metro operators to offer high-quality service for their passengers. Increasing energy prices and awareness for preserving the environment and smart city concepts further strengthen the need to consider energy conscious operations on mass transit networks.

Our high-performance, state-of-the-art rail electrification meets all the expectations of rail infrastructure operators today: whether mass transit or main- line traffic, whether new construction project, modernization or upgrade, we work with operators to implement a reliable system that is tailored precisely to their needs.

By combining automation and electrification with digitalization, mobility operators can benefit from integrating systems seamlessly, tapping potential savings, and realizing new ideas when partnering with Siemens.

Intelligent Traffic Solutions: smarter traffic management
Intelligent Traffic Solutions

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To create a seamless and sustainable mobility ecosystem in the future, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) play an important role. The ever-increasing demand for mobility in today’s life not only leads to traffic congestion but also significantly pollutes the environment. Now more than ever, big cities need to cope with the challenge of balancing the mobility demands of the population with the requirements of delivery transport, environmental protection and, last but not least, road safety.

Siemens Mobility delivers innovative solution-driven technology for a mobility transformation. For cities, municipalities, conurbations or long-distance roads: Siemens ITS provides all the necessary elements for complex, efficient traffic management: from traffic management, shared autonomous mobility, connected mobility (V2X, autonomous driving), eHighway, tunnel management, traffic modelling with Aimsun software, to AI-based city and management solutions.

By embracing the philosophy of thinking from the perspective of responsible authorities, and using all the capabilities and innovative power of a high-tech corporation to help optimize it, Siemens Mobility has been constantly creating intelligent and adaptive solutions for authorities and system operators around the globe for close to 100 years.

With Siemens solutions, many of the ITS references are globally apparent, such as the Shared Autonomous Mobility solutions being piloted at CETRAN in Singapore to reduce gridlock on urban streets; Hong Kong’s longest road tunnel Liantang project to enhance safety and traffic flows; Automated Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) trial in New York to reduce traffic violations; Real-Time Optimiser (RTO) project in London to upgrade the city’s road network management system.

In a nutshell, Siemens Mobility is going to see the continued growth of smart city solutions contributing to the effective management of urban areas, improving connectivity, door-to-door experience, sustainability, and livability. In times of COVID-19 pandemic, our comprehensive offerings globally keep adapting to the needs of operators and passengers. The key is how to unlock them by connecting all different modes of transportation and traffic systems – metros, buses, ride sharing, bike-share, and scooters – maximizing the benefits of a shared, connected, electric, reliable and autonomous mobility ecosystem.

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