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Financial inclusion: yesterday’s poor, tomorrow’s customers

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Asia has borne witness to a technological renaissance during the last decade with the exponential growth e-payments, commerce and banking solutions. As of 2015, we have crossed the threshold for usage and growth.  The Asia Pacific region now boosts the world’s fastest growing non-cash transactions market, enjoying approximately 9.5 per cent compound annual growth, with emerging Asian markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines collectively growing at 20 per cent annually. By 2018, Asia will surpass the United States by 30% for online B2C commerce.

Be that as it may, a large portion of the Asian population remains relatively untouched by these latest developments, with more than 600 million people in East Asia and Pacific deemed as outliers within the formal financial system. The potential for bringing them into the fold for next generation payments is massive. On a global level, the World Bank estimates it could generate about $380 billion in new revenues for the financial industry. The question is, are you taking advantage of this lucrative industry?

Building on 20 years’ experience running Cards & Payments Asia, we’re delighted to announce the Financial Inclusion Summit, Asia’s catalyst for debate, best practice, knowledge exchange and partnerships among practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders seeking to achieve significantly greater financial inclusion in the region.

On board, we’ll be featuring a diverse panel of speakers, hailing from top banking, fintech and payments sectors in Asia. They are united in the quest to bring banking to the millions of under-banked in Asia.

Join us for this exclusive event in April.

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