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With fintech all the rage and the international R3 consortium up and running, there are few topics more interesting and more controversial in the financial services world than blockchain, cryptocurrency and, specifically, bitcoin.

A big feature our upcoming Cards & Payments Asia conference, we caught up with speaker David Moskowitz, Founder at Coin Republic to set the scene for bitcoin in Asia going into 2016.

Which big bitcoin opportunity is front of mind for you going into 2016 and why?

DM: Bitcoin’s killer use case is still frictionless, censorship resistant, peer to peer transfer of value. Adoption is still quite difficult due to its volatility as a currency, and the technical sophistication needed to use it. The ‘Bitcoin 2.0’ use cases are very compelling and is something I am equally if not more excited by.

How will this impact your work in the coming year?

DM: Smart contracts, the ability to have business logic embedded into currency is a huge opportunity. IOT communications, M2M payments, and the ability to have self executing contracts without counterparty risk are just some of the ideas people are looking at. I am particularly interested in the smart contracts space.

Who is your bitcoin industry hero and why?

DM: Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of bitcoin and forged the genesis block.

Cards & Payments Asia will be running 19th-22nd April at Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. David will be joined on a panel with Michael Casey, author of Age of Cryptocurrency, and Ron Hose, CEO of, to discuss and debate the future of cryptocurrency in Asia.

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