Three quick questions to Gigfairy’s Brian Foo

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Sharing economy business models are increasingly being applied beyond the leasing of personal goods and more and more for the matching of skilled individuals with a relevant marketplace. In the case of Gigfairy there was a recognition by founder Brian Foo that musicians find it incredibly difficult to earn any real money for their abilities, whilst on the other side many people did not know where to go in order to find great musicians for functions and parties.

By applying a “sharing economy” mindset, Gigfairy are able to connect these two communities, and in doing so ensure that artists get the recognition and financial reward that they deserve, whilst increasing the accessibility of live music.

We caught up with Brian recently to ask him three questions about his goals in 2016:

Which big e-commerce challenge is front of mind for you and Gigfairy going into 2016 and why?

This year is all about expansion for us. We’re making sure everything is in place — the infrastructure to expand into the rest of the region and also the tech needs to be able to handle it. As with most industry-disrupting businesses, after that comes the challenge of educating the market on why we are a better way of booking live entertainment for your events.

How will this challenge impact your work in the coming year?

We’ve learned a lot in the last year running Gigfairy here in Malaysia. We’ve positively affected the music industry enough in the last year to give us the confidence to really go at it hard. With the support of our new investors we’re extremely excited to replicate what we’ve done here in KL in the rest of the region.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about the music industry in Indonesia, the Philippines and also Singapore and figuring out how to best work with the musicians and hosts in those respective markets.

Who is your e-commerce industry hero and why?

No one in particular. I appreciate all the guys and girls who are putting in the hours building e-commerce businesses all the same.

Brian will be joining us to speak at the upcoming E-Commerce Show Asia conference on 20th-21st April. To find out more about the show check out our event programme here.

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