How to delight the modern customer at every touch point

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Today’s brand experience is influenced by more touch points than ever before. Customers shop online, in-store and even interact with brands on social media. I have noticed that retailers are making more and more connections with customers.

Shoppers now expect all of these elements to match up and integrate with each other – because it makes life easier. This is the basis for our One Store, One Experience concept. Customers don’t actually see channels; they only see One Store and have One Experience, regardless of whether their visit is online or in a physical store.

Every brand is different of course because customers have unique expectations for each. For any brand to keep its customers happy, the experience must meet the expectations of that brand.

The biggest challenge this year is that it only takes one failure in order to damage a customer’s perception of the whole brand. Now that there’s so much choice, so many options and ways to buy, a single mistake could stop a customer coming back.

But in today’s complex omni-channel retail landscape, it’s incredibly hard to deliver a consistently brilliant experience. There are so many opportunities to disappoint.

This brings me back to my initial question: Is it possible to keep a customer consistently happy in 2016?

I think it is, because I see it myself when I do the weekly shop. My supermarket stands out as a fantastic example of meeting my expectations at every single touch point.

Here are some of the ways they keep me happy:

Free Customer Wi-Fi
When I’m in the supermarket I’ve got access to high-speed internet, making it easy for me to check prices, or look up recipes while in store.

Personalised Loyalty Discounts
I get 20% off my favourite 10 items every single time I shop (online or in-store). These are suggested based on my previous buying behaviour (because I use my loyalty card). I also get the chance to change them if I want to from a list of other items I‘ve frequently purchased – giving me a personalised brand experience.

Option to Self-Scan
I have the option to scan my own items as I shop, helping me to skip the queues at busier times. When using this option I also get access to extra
loyalty discounts that I can see on the scanning device – the Zebra MC18.

Click & Collect Facility
If I’ve bought something for the home or clothes from the same organisation, I’ve got the option to have my purchase delivered to my most convenient store the next day – and free of charge. I even get a text and email when it arrives so can collect it on my next visit to the shop.

Staff Customer Service
All of the above is delivered by staff who are relentlessly polite and professional. If I have a question, I don’t think twice about asking for help.

From emails to app notifications, text messages and conversations with staff, every single touch point I have with that brand is seamless and consistent.

The technology driving this offering is also reliable – so the services work. The thing is, we expect things to work. We tend to take ‘good’ experiences for granted, so we’re much more likely to notice when things go wrong – when brands fall short of what we expect of them.

Importantly, the customer expectations of every brand are unique. So if you’re part of a retail organisation, ask yourself:

What do your customers expect from you in 2016? Do you have the right technology to consistently meet those expectations? For more information about our Omni-Channel Solutions for greater fulfilment and sales conversion for your business, visit

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