Fireside Q&A with Jennifer Tantan of Megalink Inc.

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CEO & Treasurer of Megalink, Jennifer Tantan

Processing e-payments at the speed of light requires one to think fast and act fast. We sat down with Jennifer Tantan, CEO & Treasurer from Megalink for a salvo of quickfire questions regarding her love for all things technology and why she feels a personal affinity to the late Steve Jobs.

  1. Could you share something about yourself with our readers?

I am an accountant by profession whose world was disrupted by technology.  Rather than hate it (for bringing so many changes and adjustments to my very structured and ruled accounting world ), I’ve decided to embrace technology and is now in fact enjoying and reaping the benefits in terms of efficiencies all around.  Lo and behold, I am CEO of a technology driven organization that is MegaLink.

  1. What is it about working in banking that inspires you?

MegaLink is not a bank, but we are very much in the banking and payments industry.  It is a privilege to be in an industry that plays a crucial and significant role in shaping a country’s economy.  And we are amazed at the continued dynamism and openness to change of the industry which in the end all boils down for the benefit of the customers that includes ME!  So we are all for it! 

  1. Could you share something interesting about what Megalink does?

MegaLink is an outsourced service provider enabling our clients to offer digital services to their customers via provision of an end-to-end electronic processing and payments solution involving all types of cards (credit, debit, stored value cards, loyalty cards and virtual cards and in all possible electronic channels (ATMs, POS, mPOS, Internet, Mobile, Kiosks, Tablets, etc.).  We are humbled to be able to contribute to the continuing improvement of the payments process all around with the convenience and security of the end customer in mind. 

  1.  Who is your personal industry hero and why?

My personal industry hero is Steve Jobs –  He had brought technology into the minds and literally in the hands of almost everyone. In my younger years – my world is so narrow – it was just within my house (as a toddler), within my village (as a teenager), within my city (during college), within my country (early working years).  But now, if you’re going to ask my 11-year old nephew – he is totally global! he would greet me a day early for my birthday – and he would say – Auntie, somewhere in the world it is already your birthday – and how did he know about this – he would say – duh?!?!? world clock through my iPad and my iPhone!  To be able to have such impact to and effect on lives of people you know and don’t know is truly amazing and a gift!   

  1. The age of disruption is upon us, where do you see the intersection between mobile and cash payments taking the industry? 

The intersection of mobile and cash payments would bring more financial transactions within the transparent system.  It will encourage more economic activity which would be good for a progressive country.  Convenience and security in processing transactions and payments would result to time saved and ergo money saved – it will eventually result to increased overall productivity and efficiency of an economy. 

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