5 questions with Samsung Indonesia’s Rizkie Maulana Putra

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Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever from an anytime and anywhere perspective and retailers are seeking new ways to lure them into their shops, keep them interested and entice them to buy. The key is to blend online and in-store shopping strengths, giving the consumer an interactive shopping experience that can help to build brand relationships. The vast majority of consumers still prefer to make their purchases in physical stores.

Retailers can create value for consumers through an enhanced in-store shopping experience, as well as a cross-channel strategy, which includes consumer-centric marketing and seamless operations pulling it all together. On a recent trip to Jakarta we caught up with Head of Samsung Indonesia, Rizkie Maulana Putra, and we took the opportunity to pick his brains as to what makes him tick.

rizkie-maulana-putraHi Rizkie, could you share something about yourself with our readers?

I’m both student and teacher in school-of-life with 5 plus years of experience in e-commerce industry with areas of expertise in business development, technology, digital marketing, logistics, and distributions. I’m a technology enthusiast, an activist, a husband, and a father of (soon to be) two kids. I enjoy a discussion on philosophy of life and politics. Now i’m sharpening my knowledge in retail business from principal point of view.

Who is your personal or industry hero and why?

My industry hero is my direct leader in wherever company i’m working. Because i will only work for people that i want and can learn from. My personal hero is my future me who’s already combined many skills from multiple great leaders.

What are your thoughts on integrating e-commerce with existing retail models?

Shopping behavior will change. People will have less time to go to stores and will spend more time on internet.

The best media to pursue purchase decision will be consumer’s screen of computer and/or mobile devices.

What advice would you give to a traditional brick and mortar retailer looking to integrate their business models with e-commerce?

Online business won’t cannibalize your offline traffic if you can adapt with the trends happening in digital world. Improve your technology. Do a performance based marketing. And provide a high SLA on your logistic and distribution. Your end customer will bring you new customer without you need to ask.

Could you give our readers a quick teaser on what you will be speaking at the show?

I’ll share my experience in online business and my thought on future trend, challenge, and opportunity on this industry.


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