Getting real with retail with Courts Indonesia’s Dedianto Turnip

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Human resource professionals in the retail sector are faced with a range of unique challenges. Retail jobs are demanding and ever-changing, requiring HR representatives to be on their toes and ready for anything. For HR teams, the retail environment can present a landscape akin to a minefield; knowing how to guide your human assets safely through can dramatically enhance your store’s profitability. At Retail World Indonesia 2016 we are joined by Dedianto Turnip, Head of Human Resources for Courts Indonesia.

On our recent visit to Jakarta, we met up with Dedianto for a chat and sought his insights behind the veil of competition in the retail industry for talent and his thoughts on why talent management is key for brand equity.

dediantoThanks for meeting us Dedi, could you share more about yourself and your experiences in retail?

I started my professional career as civil engineer for two years in construction company. Then I had challenges for various function in shipping & logistic company for almost 8 years : business development, operations, sales & marketing. Since then I have been interested to know and get involved in Human Resources, in manufacturer and move to retail industry since early 2013.

Now, I am Head of Human Resources and General Affairs in Courts Retail Indonesia, a subsidiary of Courts Asia Limited in Singapore, July 2015 until now. Previously, I was General Manager of Human Resources for The Body Shop Indonesia, January 2013 until June 2015. Guest Lecturer, Human Resources Management in Retail Industry for Masters of Management – University of Pelita Harapan, January  2014 until now

Who is your industry hero and why?

I think…the retail industry is a very dynamic industry and interesting to get involved in. It deals with end customer that has pace of behavior change continuously. From traditional way in satisfying customers’ need & want, now is happening to omni channel. Retailers has to update and cope with whats going on the market every single day !, they will be dismissed otherwise.

Why is it essential to be distinctive when it comes employee engagement?

Sustainable growth is deserved only for the company who strive constantly to be engaged with the customers. Before that, engagement with the employees is a must. Its all about services indeed. We can not serve customers well with disengaged employees, no doubt.

How can retailers continue to engage employees via ongoing dialogue?

 Its like a spouse in relationship. Can we imagine, whats the situation if a wife and a husband has less dialogue ?

They do not know each other whats facing about every day. Since then, misperception and less understanding one to another will happened. Its just a matter of time, they will go to divorce, right? Bit similar with relationship between employer and employees.

They have to keep building rapport, have good understanding each other. It can be done weekly or monthly talk, between management and the staff with close relationship, everyone can talk freely with positive goals ofcourse, for the sake of improvement to organization’s performance.

Sometimes, employees just want to see management as a good listener, eventhough can not satisfy all their expectation. In sum, close relationship will make more understanding and tolerance.

What are the challenges faced by Indonesian retailers when it comes to employee retention?

Nowadays, talent war is certainty. Company can buy talent outside but it would be very costly and potential risk that the new joiners are not fit with corporate culture and leadership style.

While, the population of millennial generation is growing up. With pragmatic thinking, they need a freedom to show their creativity, not really happy to follow standard and procedures, expect new challenges as they see like interesting adventure, and insist to speed up their career.

It is better to nurture internal talent. Needs strong commitment from top management to support and being as key role model in driving coaching culture. In doing so, all staff can see they have better future, with clear picture about their career path.

On the other hand, company has to cope the characteristic of millennial generation. How to accomodate their expectation and retain them. Tour of duty in different function, special project to stimulate their leadership and so on. In future, company will rely on them as future leaders.

My 3 key learning points :

  1. Employees engagement is about building close relationship among members in organizations. It has to be a DNA of the company to win the competition.
  2. Only engaged employees can create customer engagement for the company. It promotes sustainble company’s growth.
  3. Senior Leaders Team must play key role to drive engagement.

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