30 Asian leaders shaping the future of commerce

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Asian commerce is an incredibly exciting space to be working in right now. From the millions of people going online for the first time each year via mobile devices, to the growth of the aspirational middle class, the pie is without doubt getting bigger.

At the same time there remain key challenges in place that all merchants, and the ecosystems around them, are fighting to overcome. From spiraling rent prices to critical delivery challenges, there is much work still to be done.

This is a market much in need of leaders, and here at Seamless Asia we spend much of our time identifying and bringing these pathfinders together.

With this in mind it was a pleasure to put together this white paper report, which you are more than welcome to download and enjoy. In it, we take a look at 30 individuals who are working to realise the potential of seamless commerce across the region. From retail leaders to e-commerce disruptors and payments professionals, this is our subjective list of those we see as key to the transformation of Asian commerce.



We hope that you find the white paper useful. We’d love to hear your feedback, and your thoughts as to who would make your top 30 list.

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