Streamlining the e-commerce channel with Jualo at Seamless

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Good news for those who like to trade on e-commerce sites. One of Indonesia’s hottest online marketplaces, has waived all transaction fees on its platform,  making it virtually free for users to transact and pay for purchases. This service, according to COO Pedro Principe, are part of his efforts to provide convenience, comfort, and safety for both the buyers and sellers to transact.pedro

“Because out there are still many people who buy and sell online without any protection (make payments directly to the seller). We want to make sure that anyone can use this protection to carry out transactions without thinking twice.” 

In an attempt to reach out to the hyperlocal market, Pedro has gathered hundreds of thousands of merchants from various regions in Indonesia such as Central Java, East Java, Jabodetabek, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi for the active selling of various new and used products and services. It’s a two way street, buyers only pay to the account when they want the goods.

Furthermore, the seller of the item will get a notification that explains that the buyer has to make a payment and that it has been received by Jualo. When the buyer receives the goods well, with evidence of notification of the buyer or courier, then will make transfer payments to the seller.

Catch Prince E-Charming Pedro Principe at Seamless Asia where he will share more exciting news about the work underway at Jualo, coming to you live from the Suntec City Convention Centre 19th to 20th April. Click HERE to find out more!

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