Vietnam: An interview with Tam Nguyen from Agribank

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We recently caught up with Head of International Payment Department of Agribank, Ms. Tam Thi Nguyen. In our conversation we discussed the great opportunity of migrant worker remittance transformation, and the central challenge of security.
Could you share something about yourself with our readers?
Tam Nguyen Agribank
I have over twelve years’ experience of working at Vietnam’s largest bank Agribank, where I have worked as the Head of the International Payment Section for the last seven years. I have a strong background of training professionals in the bank and a robust knowledge on other banking fields including mechanism policies of The State Bank of Vietnam and Decisions of the Government on foreign exchange control. Other areas I have expertise in include updating policies of the US and EU sanctions, as well as preventing risks in payment transactions.
Could you give our readers a quick teaser on what you will be speaking at the show?
I will be speaking about migrant worker remittances and the informal economy looking at the opportunities and challenges it presents. Many people usually think that dealing in foreign currency or remittance on the “black market” in Vietnam is simple and easy, but the fact is that legal actions are simpler and easier.
Why is this topic close to your heart?
Working for over 12 years receiving and handling customers’ requirements on foreign currency remittance has made me realise that many people would easily become victims of fraudulent transactions because of their limited knowledge on this field. I want to share my knowledge to prevent this from happening.
What do you think the key challenges are around the future of remittances in Vietnam?
I think the future of remittances in Vietnam will be, of course, digital and online payment. However, security is a big problem since the knowledge around customers may not catch up with modern applications. High-tech crimes are also a huge concern as well.
Why are you excited to attend the show?
I am excited to attend the show because it will be the first time that I will have spoken at an international conference. It will be interesting to attend not just as a delegate but in a new circumstance as a speaker on a topic close to my heart.
Ms. Tam Thi Nguyen is one of over 50 speakers who will be taking the stage over two days at Seamless Vietnam. To find out more, and to book your tickets, check out our website here.

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