An interview with Warren Cammack, Head of Innovation at Vietnam International Bank

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We recently caught up with the Head of Innovation at Vietnam International Bank (VIB) and General Manager of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Mr Warren Cammack. In our conversation we discussed some of the critical challenges facing the future of digital payments in Vietnam, and why this topic is close to his heart.

1. Could you share something about yourself with our readers? Warren Headshot

I’m originally from the UK and moved to Australia where I lived for 10 years in Sydney before moving to Vietnam. I’m the father of three girls and we’ve had a great time living in HCMC enjoying the great food and vibrant culture here. The last 3 years working for VIB have been some of my most exciting and it’s a privilege to be part of the world’s fastest moving economies and helping to shape the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities.

2. Could you give our readers a quick teaser on what you will be speaking at the show?

I’ll be talking about the vision of a cashless Vietnam, what it would mean for the country and how we can get there. It’s more of a question around behavioural change and how long it will realistically take to change the country.

3. Why is this topic close to your heart?

Although I’ve only lived in Vietnam for a relatively short period of time I see the waste that heavy cash brings to the economy here. I have also lived in countries where digital payments are much more widespread and how it can make day to day life easier for everyone. The biggest opportunity is through financial inclusion and providing a greater number of people with access to services that can help to secure and enhance their financial wellbeing.

4. What do you think the key challenges are around the future of digital payments in Vietnam?

I think the biggest challenge is that of trust, trust in the technology, trust in organisations but most importantly trust in other people. If we can overcome this then the rest is relatively easy.

5. Why are you excited to attend the show?

I love the idea of a conference that emphasises the value of seamless experiences throughout a customer journey. I can’t wait to hear more stories from my peers who are helping to lift the bar in customer experiences in a variety of industries.
Warren Cammack is one of over 50 speakers who will be taking the stage over two days at Seamless Vietnam. To find out more, and to book your tickets, check out our website here.
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