10 exciting entrepreneurs set to speak at Seamless Philippines 2017

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With more than 80 speakers already confirmed to participate at Seamless Philippines 2017, the show is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. Over the coming months we’re going to be bringing you highlights from the line-up to whet your appetite ahead of the doors opening on 27th September at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila. With that …

Seamless Philippines

Mabuhay Manila! Seamless has arrived on your shores

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Hey Manila! Following April’s successful launch of Seamless Asia in Singapore, we are delighted to bring you the first wave of regional Seamless events beginning with the Philippines in September! Mark your calendars for the 27th to 28th September at the SMX Convention Center. From the rise of fintech, the commoditisation of logistics and the omnichannel commerce revolution sweeping across …

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5 ways Artificial Intelligence can shape the future of retail in Asia

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Guest Post // Today, Artificial Intelligence is being touted as the next biggest innovation since the advent of internet and mobile technology. AI promises to enrich various aspects of our lives, through self-driving cars, smart homes, and even medical diagnosis. Countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore are leading the way in AI research. In fact, China boasts …

Vietnam: An interview with Nicole Nguyen from Infinity Blockchain Labs

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Could you share something about yourself with our readers? My name is Nicole and I am currently in charge of Marketing at Infinity Blockchain Labs – one of the largest Blockchain studios in the world. Our in-house team of 40 developers come from various areas around the world with one mission – demystifying and incorporating Blockchain in everyday life and …


7 SEO Rules for E-Commerce Content Marketing

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What is e-commerce content marketing? E-commerce content marketing is the use of digital content to draw in online traffic. When e-commerce first started, content marketing focused largely on just showcasing products. However today it has transformed and evolved to focus on creating brand connect and awareness, aiding search engine ranking and increasing click-through-rates and ultimately conversion rates. Whether you are …

Việt Nam: Bước chuyển mình trong môi trường thanh toán

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Tình hình thanh toán và thương mại ở Việt Nam đang có nhiều biến chuyển. Người tiêu dùng bắt đầu sử dụng các thiết bị di động để so sánh giá cả và hàng hoá, chủ động tìm kiếm ưu đãi hoặc phiếu giảm giá, cũng như mua hàng hoá và dịch vụ từ mọi nơi trên thế giới. Tỷ …

Trò chuyện cùng CEO của Tiki Trần Ngọc Thái Sơn

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Chúng tôi vừa có cuộc trò chuyện với anh Trần Ngọc Thái Sơn, hiện là Giám đốc điều hành của Tiki – một trang thương mại điện tử lớn của Việt Nam. Chúng tôi đã cùng anh thảo luận một số thách thức lớn đối với sự phát triển của thương mại điện tử tại Việt Nam và điều gì …


The Rise of Fintech in Vietnam

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Following in the footsteps of regional financial powerhouses Hong Kong and Singapore, in March 2017 the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced the launch of the “Steering Committee on Financial Technology”. Tasked with “improving the ecosystem” and cultivating a positive legal framework to facilitate the growth of fintech businesses throughout the country, this move has been seen as a largely …


Vietnam: An interview with Sandeep Deobhakta, Head of Retail Banking at VP Bank

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We recently caught up with Sandeep Deobhakta the Head of Retail Banking at VP Bank. In our conversation, Sandeep reveals both the potential and the key challenges of mobile wallets for the future of Vietnam. Could you share something about yourself with our readers? I am the Head of Retail Banking at VP Bank. VP Bank has ambitious plans to be one of the top 3 retail …