An interview with Duc Pham Anh, Head of Consumer Electronics at Sendo

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We recently caught up with Duc Pham Anh, Head of Consumer Electronics at Sendo. In our conversation, Duc reveals what he will be speaking about at Seamless Vietnam and why this  topic is close to his heart.

Could you share something about yourself with our readers?Duc sendo

My USP’s are digital and marketing hence my team and I always try to think of the best way to use our expertise to the fullest. My main goal is to help and our customers (buyers & sellers) achieve outstanding advantage on the local digital landscape. In Vietnamese we called it “Ngon! Bổ! Rẻ!” (roughly translate to “More (options)! Better (options)! Cheaper (options)!”

Could you give our readers a quick teaser on what you will be speaking about at the show?

I will be sharing about my standing on substantial growth for e-commerce business which is a very interesting topic in my opinion. My friends made fun of me when they knew about this, some example lines like: “You just sold cheap, Chinese goods online.” or “You didn’t even stock your products, how could you know about their quality?” My response is always about the real economic value that we bring to our customers, both those who sell or buy, on our platform.

Why is this topic close to your heart?

This topic is in mine and everyone at’s heart. It is in our company mission: Using technology to connect people and bring them prosperity via e-commerce.

What do you think the key challenges are around the future of e-commerce in Vietnam?

The biggest challenge in this industry and other related technologies is trust. It’s the concern from both consumers and our merchants. Lots of time and effort have been spent to rectify this issue, however I feel that we still have a long way to go.

Why are you excited to attend the show?

I’m super excited to join the show! Seamless is a good opportunity to discover like-mind entrepreneurs and executives. Who knows? Maybe the next big thing will come up after all these meetings.

Duc Pham Anh is one of over 50 speakers who will be taking the stage over two days at Seamless Vietnam. To find out more, and to book your tickets, check out our website here.


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