Vietnam: An interview with Yen Vu, Former Head of Marketing at Zalora

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We recently caught up with Yen Vu, Former Head of Marketing at Zalora Vietnam. In our conversation, Yen Vu reveals what she will be talking about at Seamless Vietnam and why this topic is close to her heart.

Could you share something about yourself with our readers?

Yen VuI am an advocate of lifestyle innovation using technology and a constant learning process. My professional experience intertwines between lifestyle and technology, with a background in finance and investment.
I am very excited to be – all at the same time – a millennial working in lifestyle tech industry, in one of the fastest growing market and region, with so many new technologies coming up that gonna have profound impact on our lives!

Could you give our readers a quick teaser on what you will be speaking about at the show?

I will be talking about one of the first scalable experiences of moving online to offline in retail, whilst also sharing perspectives on the lifestyle consumers are living and learnings from F&B, fashion and the travel industry.

Why is this topic close to your heart?

Conscious lifestyle and technology is part of human the revolution.

What do you think the key challenges are around the future of retail in Vietnam?

Everything goes back to growth. Growth will fuel further conscious lifestyle, a more advanced user mindset and even the government’s changing role in supporting industries. Without growth, we may need to stop talking.
So what causes growth, I think essentially is about choosing the right focus and building the  right ecosystem. Any market needs to know its strength and weakness and focus on building a few select things right first.

Why are you excited to attend the show?

I am excited that this is Seamless’ first time in Vietnam. I think the conference theme is to the point – it’s an intertwining world that needs more cross-conversations. I am excited to be able to estimate the level of interest and sophistication of the market after hearing many speakers talk.

Yen Vu is one of over 50 speakers who will be taking the stage over two days at Seamless Vietnam. To find out more, and to book your tickets, check out our website here.

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