Dreaming digital with Nicola Moreili from more.digital

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Digital transformation is one of the most important topics facing retail today. Retailers recognize there has been a massive power switch in favour of the consumer and the need to deliver exceptional customer experience has become more important than ever.

As a customer/user engagement strategist and digital media creator, Nicola Moreili knows a thing or two about digital transformation and CX architecture. As the CEO of more.digital, he is passionate about new technologies and their application to problem-solving, utilities and mobile intelligence. I caught up recently with him over a beer in Jakarta to find out what makes him click and tick.

D: Hi Nicola, tell us a bit about your role and what it involves on a daily basis.

I’m leading a creative technology agency and I’m hands-on in all aspects of it, from finding new clients (while taking Nicola Moreili care of old), managing teams, consulting clients on UX, to negotiating, project managing reporting, filing. The list is long.

D: With digital being the talk of the town recently, what is the biggest challenge that you’re currently facing and how are your team solving it?

I’m currently involved in a new venture for designing and developing a virtual SIM card that is aimed at phasing-out physical SIM cards, making them redundant and obsolete. With all benefits for international business and pleasure travelers that that would entail. It is a highly challenging project from a technology standpoint. My team and I are currently tying together the tech team by sourcing and scouting some highly specialized engineers, testing their interest, time, and involvement. Meanwhile, we are also looking for seed-stage partners interested in investing on it.

D: What one trend in your industry has your attention and why?

Being involved in an industry that affects one hundred other industries it is even difficult to talk about “industry” per se. Let’s say that I’m all about solutions that can reduce the automatization, the profiling, the massive reliance on algorhitmic processes in favor of a more human-oriented approach to the deployment of technology. Solutions alike are emerging in Healthcare, Wearables, Mobile, and others.


D: How has the industry changed since you first got involved in it?

Drastically. As anyone can see. Only six-seven years ago we were discussing where to place tabs on iOS Apps, now the evolution of digital lifestyle technology accelerated so much that even the Web shifted so dramatically. FinTech, Wearables, Robotics. The ultimate algorhitmization of advertising. Everything isn’t the same anymore, making it all extremely interesting and delirious and frustrating (for some) at the same time.

D: Give us a sneak peek into what you’ll be presenting at Seamless Indonesia 2017.

I guess I will be chairing the whole retail session for Indonesia. So I will be looking for opening and wrapping up all the various topics that will be covered, which is always a big responsibility but also an equally big opportunity to learn some new from the many featured speakers.

D: Why are you excited to be participating in the conference?

What’s not to get excited about? Two emerging big cities in two different emerging markets, lots of speakers and delegates, lots of REALLY new topics (having little or no past history) and therefore something fresh and new coming up now, in these very last couple of years, for the markets to embrace and for us operators to confront on.

We look forward to have Nicola chair the retail track Seamless Indonesia 2017 in Jakarta at the Pullman Central Park. To find out more about the very latest digital tech initiates in Asia, CLICK HERE to find out more.

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