5 minutes with Rizkie Palua from Samsung

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Omni-channel marketing strategies are revolutionising the e-commerce industry as companies strive to achieve increased customer satisfaction and increased sales. This trend will be prominently featured as a topic at Seamless Indonesia 2017. I caught up with one of our speakers Rizkie Maulana Putra, Head of E-Commerce at Samsung to find out what he has been up since we met in 2016. 

Rizkie Maulana Putra

D: Hi Rizkie, good to hear from you again! Tell us a bit about you’re currently working on and what that involves on a daily basis?

Hey Darren! I’m developing online channel as new revenue generator for Samsung Indonesia. Since we were big from offline business, it’s required a lot of innovations to add new pocket from online as we don’t want to shift offline consumers, but to acquire new ones.

D: What is the biggest challenge that you’re currently facing and how are your team solving it?

For sure first was came from internal. The team wasn’t made for this business. Need to spent a lot of times to have internal alignment. Second is alignment with offline stakeholders as there will be (and must be) an impact to their business. Third is to integrate online and offline so this online business revenue can be beneficial for both channels.

D: What one trend in your industry has your attention and why?

The fact that few segments is consistently moving to online but price is vary among these channels. Need to find more creative solutions so end consumer will stay and keep buying via online since as a principal we don’t have any control on price.

D: How has the industry changed since you first got involved in it?

Significantly fast. My online sales was zero point contribution on May last year and a double digit contribution in May this year. Now we are trying to bring this to next level by developing few innovations to grab more new consumers.

D: Give us a sneak peek into what you’ll be presenting at Seamless?

I’ll share an experience on O2O implementation during the past few quarters, the challenge on integrating this idea within stakeholders, and potential future benefits we can grab by implementing this method.

D: Why are you excited to be participating in the conference?
To share materials, got questions, gave answers, got feedback, and so on makes me sharper from time to time. There are no better source of knowledge after reading than listening directly from the players. Hope we can have these kind of events on a regular basis to keep the industry growing and even make it faster.

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