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garypicWe spoke to Gary Repchuck from VeritasPay Philippines Inc. about their views towards the exciting Philippines market and how they’ve been involved in mobile payments and how payments solutions can truly be a transformational financial inclusion strategy delivered by the government.

D: Hi Gary! Tell us a bit about your role and what that involves on a daily basis 
G: We spent the last 18 months building our PCI Compliant and EMV ready middleware that enables VeritasPay to securely manage merchants, mVISA, mPOS devices, Fintech companies, Acquirers, processors to enable Enterprises and Banks to control every aspect of their mobile payment world. Our days are now filled with the certifications/integration of Enterprise clients, and Acquirers onto our Payment and Fintech acceleration platform. My role is multifunctional: most importantly in our daily scrum I listen for any impediments that I can assist with. My main focus is delivering our platform to our clients and expanding our growing our global ISV/partner network.

D: What one trend in your industry has your attention and excited and why? 
G: The need for seamless convergence between the traditional payment platforms utilized by Banks/Processors and Acquirers and the mobile innovations developed by global fintech companies.  VeritasPay has developed our messaging Spec to accommodate this requirement as we provide that “universal payment translator” needed by companies that wish to promote their platforms to banks and enable banks to incorporate these innovative Fintech solutions into their payment/banking ecosystem.

D: How has the industry changed since you first got involved in it?
G: We have been involved in mobile payment for over five years, so from its infancy to where we are today is worlds apart. The industry has progressed from simple one dimensional mobile platforms that are device based, to multidimensional eco-systems capable of delivering turn-key solutions that have all required certifications, divergent messaging specs, connectivity to multiple Fintech ISV ’s, all the while delivering a customized solution that is PCI/EMV compliant, affordable and easily integrated into proprietary enterprise platforms.

D: Give us a sneak peek into what you’ll be showcasing at Seamless Philippines 2017? 
G: We will be showcasing a number of mobile solutions new to the market.  Our complete integration of mobile beep™, mobile PIN Debit, and mobile Visa/MasterCard will be showcased and delivered on a mPOS device under 5000 pesos ($100). We will also introduce a number of International partners where we have integrated our full eco-system within their Enterprise software which enables them to manage and process all their card present payments.  

We will also have Smartcard marketing Systems in from North America. They have a number of unique solutions including Cross-Border RMB, MTickets.event, Genorocity.com etc. stop by and see us. 

D: What one trend in the Philippines market are you most excited about and why? 
G:  The National Payment Strategy. The initiative has the potential to change the lives of millions of Filipino’s throughout the provinces and around the world. This is the foundation of a truly transformational financial inclusion strategy being delivered by our government. The VeritasPay family of solutions is complementary to almost every aspect of the strategy.

 About Gary Repchuck: 

Gary has over thirty-five year’s management/executive experience and technical skills in Banking, Payment Processing, and Financial Technology complemented by a Master of Business Administration degree. Over the last five years he established an Asian FINTECH operation and delivered a global EMV compliant mobile payment platform now being now implemented by Philippine Enterprises/Acquirers and multiple Global Partners. The middleware platform enables the simultaneous payment processing and management of Merchants, Consumers, Banks, mPOS devices, FINTECH companies and global processors.

Previously he was a Canadian Banking Vice President with accountability to diversify bank income via new partnerships and ventures while managing diverse areas of responsibility: business development, telecommunications, affiliations, business transition, centralization activities, security infrastructure, operational improvement, policy, procedure, purchasing, and card issuing/acquiring services.

A highly motivated executive, and a collaborative negotiator, who successfully directs enterprise wide cross-functional projects, fosters new global relationships, and manages Primeline HK’s Mobile Payment & FINTECH strategy.

We thank Gary for his forthcoming views on payments digitalization and look forward to welcoming VeritasPay Philippines Inc. at Seamless Philippines 2017, 27th to 28th September at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila. CLICK HERE to find out how you can be part of this exclusive opportunity.

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