Decoding Omnichannel Retailing for Brands and Retailers

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89% is the customer retention rate for the companies which adopt omnichannel strategies as compared to 33% for those who don’t. So which category does your business fall in?

In today’s scenario, customers use multiple touch-points while buying an item. They may find an item online and then rush to the nearby store to make the purchase. Or, they may be at a shopping store, find a clothing but not in their size, so they pull out their smartphones and make the purchase online. Whatever is the case, providing a seamless experience to the customer is most imperative. That is what Omnichannel is; an integrated, seamless experience across multiple devices and touch-points.

Omnichannel retailing has increased customer expectations heavily and fulfilling them has become highly critical for businesses. There is an urgency that all the Brands and Retailers are facing today. While retailers are engaging their customers by connecting with them at their favored touch points, technological advancement keeps on outpacing the retail transformation as well. But no need to worry! With our O2O suite, you can keep pace with both physical and digital transformation.

Vinculum’s O2O suite offers a modular suite of products to efficiently manage both online & offline operations with ease. It enables offline-online-offline transformations through its suite of products for multi-channel order and inventory management, last-mile fulfillment and return management, helping brands to enable Endless aisle, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect, Ship from Store and Real-time Inventory view for their customers. It empowers a seamless shopping experience through Integrations with marketplaces, last-mile fulfillment companies, and web front-ends, creating an ecosystem of collaboration across Vinculum’s network. See how you can succeed in this ecosystem! Download our e-book “Succeeding in the Omnichannel Era of Retailing”.

Now, there is another side of the story i.e. selling on eCommerce platforms and webstores. Customers expect a seamless navigation across these channels. They demand the same kind of service and legitimacy which they experience in a brick and mortar store. And when businesses want to cross countries, it becomes more difficult for them to provide this service. Here, a brand distributor comes into the picture. A brand distributor helps in scaling up the businesses through merchandising, inventory management, fulfillment and warehousing, and local digital marketing. OnPoint, a leading Vietnamese brand distributor makes eCommerce easy for Brands, and creates sustainable values for businesses, consumers & partners.

Creating a seamless shopping experience is the key mantra of Retail today, and, being able to achieve so creates the required in-roads in the consumers’ minds, needs, and wallets. Vinculum has been at the center of creating such experiences for nearly a decade. With a view to carry the streak forward and share the best practices, to omnichannel, Vinculum is coming to Seamless Vietnam

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