An interview with Arne Jeroschewski, Founder & CEO of Parcel Perform

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Arne Jeroschewski - Founder & CEO of Parcel Perform

Founder & CEO of Parcel Perform

Can you tell us something about yourself ?

I’m Arne Jeroschewski, Founder & CEO of Parcel Perform and as the CEO, I take care of the overall business strategy, growth and vision of the company. I also personally take care of a few functions in the organization, namely: Product Development, Finance and Human Resources. Prior to establishing Parcel Perform, I worked in several e-commerce and logistics roles in Europe and Asia – at DHL eCommerce (VP, Business Development); Singapore Post (General Manager of vPost and B2C e-commerce), Zalora Southeast Asia (CEO and Co-Founder), as well as several years in McKinsey consulting businesses in the high-tech and telecommunications industry. I’m based in Singapore and have been living here for the past 7 years together with my
wife and two children.

How does your usual day at work look like?

Every morning, after sending my kids to school, I head to the office and the entire team does a ‘daily standup’ across all our offices where everyone runs quickly through the tasks that they have for the day. This helps to ensure we work collaboratively and we can reassign tasks in an agile manner if there is something urgent that needs more support. I make sure that I catch up with my teams according to what needs focus over that particular period – for instance, if we are building a new functionality on our portal, I’ll be spending time with the Product Team and Sales/Commercial Team to ensure all requirements are moving along well and on track, and delivering towards our customer promise.

If it’s a Monday, the management team will catch up on employee engagement matters – this is a topic that is a huge focus for us. I strongly believe that an engaged and motivated team is crucial towards our success and we invest a lot of time and effort in our people and culture. My Co-Founder, Dana von der Heide and I also take time out once a week for a ‘blue skies’ session. This is a creative space for us to brainstorm new ideas and plan for the future. If it’s a Friday, we’ll end the week off with a ‘Retrospective’ session with the entire team, again across all offices, along with a couple of beers. We reflect back on our week and share what we were happy or unhappy about.

What one trend in the industry has your attention and excited and why?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

At Parcel Perform we hold a massive amount of parcel tracking data and I’m super excited about what we can do with the data to analyze and predict trends in logistics and e-commerce. Logistics has so much to gain from using these data to improve the efficiency of the supply chain as well as improve the experience of everyone involved. We see this as one of the most important value propositions that we are building at Parcel Perform.

How has the industry changed since you got first involved in it?

The e-commerce industry today is still in an early stage of development, but it already has changed massively since 2012 when I first started Zalora in Southeast Asia and it will still continue to change over the next couple of years. Over the last decade, the e-commerce buying experience for consumers was still not great – websites were not optimized for e-commerce, online payments were not secure and there was very little trust from consumers

Today, the buying experience has improved drastically and the focus has now shifted to the delivery and post-checkout experience. E-Commerce merchants are now focusing on building customer loyalty and engagement – which is why we founded Parcel Perform, to help merchants build a better post-checkout experience, better customer service around parcel delivery, and optimize their logistics.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in your industry?

There needs to be a better way to manage logistics, especially in the last mile delivery. Last mile costs are usually around 50% of the entire logistics cost for e-commerce
players. Not only is it inefficient, it is also contributing towards urban issues in cities, e.g. traffic congestion, carbon emissions, etc, – and it is a process that does not focus on the end consumer’s experience.

I’m a huge believer of using data and technology to solve issues and I believe there will be huge improvements to be seen over the next few years. Furthermore, logistics players are imposing a high complexity on their customers with every player requiring them to work with them under their terms – from the technical integration, to how you prepare and hand over shipments. If you work with many logistics service providers, this is a huge cost to anyone needing last mile logistics services. We at Parcel Perform want to create a product that makes this process a lot easier for
everyone involved.

Can you tell us a bit about what the attendees can learn from your presentation?

I’ll be speaking about e-commerce and logistics trends, and how data and technology will improve the customer experience in the post-checkout process. Any stakeholder in the logistics process in this day and age deserves a better experience – from the consumer or recipient to the logistics management team in the company. We will show how technology will help us to ensure that logistics will become a key contributor to customer satisfaction in e-commerce in the future.

Can you tell us a bit more of what products or services?

Parcel Perform is the leading carrier-independent parcel tracking platform with over 600+ logistics carriers integrated. We provide e-commerce brands/retailers with a platform that enables them to improve the customer experience with better parcel tracking and delivery notifications; a tool to provide better customer service management; and a comprehensive logistics intelligence tool to analyze and optimize their logistics performance.

What can attendees expect to see in your booth?

Our team will be all ready to demonstrate how Parcel Perform’s platform works and share some successes from our customers. Come over for a free demo and trial!

What are you most looking forward to at Home Delivery Asia?

Home Delivery is a big topic right now with an increasing focus on last mile delivery and the post-purchase customer experience. I’m looking forward to meeting with industry players and like-minded disruptors to discuss new trends.

Join us at Home Delivery Asia on the 24-25th September 2019 to hear from Arne and our other great speakers. Find out more here.

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