Interview with Mradul Khandelwal – Vice President of Loginext Solutions

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Mradul Khandelwal - Vice President, Loginext

Mradul Khandelwal – Vice President, Loginext

Mradul Khandelwal has been the core driver behind the fast-scaling and high client retention at LogiNext. With multiple sales and tech aces up his sleeve, Mradul has become the prime spokesperson for highly engaging business sales and relationships. He has been at the helm of sales for more than 10 years. The central pillar for LogiNext, Mradul has supervised its rise to 150 enterprise clients across 10 countries. He is an avid and passionate speaker on the rapid advancements in technology as the key enabler for logistics, through live delivery route planning, auto-package allocation, live driver tracking, and even voice-controlled logistics. Channeling his learning from leading the business development for one of the fastest growing companies in the world, he regularly engages young entrepreneurs and his followers with best practices and deep B2B sales insights.

How does your usual day at work look like?

I start my day early and plan ahead for the week. I believe that customers and employees are the two most important pillars of our organization and I spend most of my time helping them grow and succeed.

What one trend in the industry has your attention and excited and why?

One of the latest trends in the industry which excites me and where I place my confidence in is end-to-end mile optimization and how deep learning and artificial intelligence can help to optimise overall logistics cost and improve the predictability of a delivery along with enhanced customer experience. Last mile optimization is soon getting impasse and companies competing to impress customers and building long term relationships are now optimizing all legs of delivery to ensure faster delivery with less cost. Whether the middle mile is via land, sea or air – it can be optimized .

How has the industry changed since you got first involved in it?

Few years ago, it was acceptable that parcels would arrive a week after placing the order online. Today, ETAs are the game changer for e-commerce companies. Products are so commoditiseed that buyers are ready to pay extra to get faster deliveries. Previously, customers booked shipments, received an estimated delivery date and then were left in the dark, unless they decided to make a phone call. Today, with the help of AI based technology, customers can track the real-time location of their products, schedule deliveries as per their availability and benefit from easy return policies. You can’t complain when we can do all of this by just a few clicks from the comfort of our couches.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in your industry?

Though the logistics industry has the appetite for innovation and excitement for technology, it’s rate of acceptance and implementation impedes the exponential success. The key reason for the same is the high change management effort and fragmented nature of the logistics industry. To tackle this challenge, I believe that all-mile optimization technique holds the potential to get the entire process on the same platform as it connects all the legs of technology and brings efficiency.

The industry needs nothing less than bold disruptive solutions that can improve operations efficiency by a large measure and change the way things have always been done.

Can you tell us a bit more of what products or services & what can attendees expect to see in your booth?

At the LogiNext booth, we would be displaying our AI enabled transport automation platform. The solution helps you to gain end to end visibility from the moment a shipment enters your logistics cycle till the time it gets delivered to the customer. LogiNext provides planning and optimization, taking into account 16 quantitative and qualitative parameters like weather, road conditions, traffic, vehicle dimensions etc, during all legs of delivery to ensure that you deliver shipments reach on-time and with the least cost. LogiNext also extends its application in planning your field team’s beats. Also through it’s ML based algorithm, haul lineage can be tracked and optimized. QSRs and similar companies also use LogiNext to help their service on-demand orders. Overall, I’m proud to say that we plan and track 10 million shipments per day carrying load across 44 countries and counting.

Which of the 6 conference tracks in Home Delivery Asia are you most interested with and why?

We’ve a long term relationship with Home Delivery World and have exhibited at their event in the US but I am really excited to see the traction and buzz it has created in Asia. It is a booming economy and logistics is revolutionizing how business is done in Asia despite the challenges which are unique to the continent. Though I feel that all of these topics are relevant and important for our space but I am really excited about last mile as it is dictates who remains the leader in this space.

What are you most looking forward to at Home Delivery Asia?

Home Delivery Asia is hosting the who is who of the industry and I believe that it will be an avalanche of knowledge exchange and setting industry trends. Also, we are one of the associate sponsors at Home Delivery Asia so I am excited to meet and receive guests at our booth.

What topic in delivery, logistics or e-commerce do you think Home Delivery Asia will help put emphasis / importance on.

I think rather than any specific topic – the conference will display a paradigm shift in this industry with the ingression of technology. It will open up avenues for current possibilities and future development.

Loginext is a proud associate sponsor of Home Delivery Asia. Join us on the 24-25th September 2019 to meet Loginext and more technology exhibitors. Find out more here.

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