Hacking the future of in-store technology with Tom Kelshaw

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Whilst retailers across Asia are starting to wake up to the inherent value of applying in-store technology to augment the consumer experience, a small group of individuals are already looking at the next step in the digital empowerment of stores. One of the most notable organisations leading the retail R&D charge in Asia is Maxus’ Metalworks division. We caught up …

Cash Flow Management: How To Free Up Your Cash Flow

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Every successful business owner knows that cash flow is one of the most important factors to the success of his or her business. Just as fuel keeps a car engine working, cash flow keeps your business moving forward. Employee wages, stock, rent and other operating expenses drain your business’ ‘fuel tank’ and unless you’re replacing that fuel at regular intervals, …

SME Loans

Transforming SME Loans with P2P Lending

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The opportunity to transform the SME loans market with P2P lending is incredibly exciting when you consider that, even in a developed, low risk market like Singapore, the majority of small business loans are rejected. This new seam of alternative lending through P2P is being mined by some fascinating fintech startups, and we were incredibly excited to catch up with …


Whitepaper: Innovation Designed Through Empathy

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Leading banks and retailers are locked in an epic struggle for survival. In order to remain relevant, many are putting serious resource into bringing innovation to market that can make customers change their habits, abandon existing brand loyalties and flock to their new products or services. So, beyond the obvious attributes of mobile and cloud-based delivery, what are the key principles of a …

Jaiveer Singh

Jaiveer Singh on Banking With The Poor

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At the Financial Inclusion Summit we are pleased to have on board with us Jaiveer Singh, Vice President, Core Banking Technology at DBS Bank who will deliver the opening keynote to kickstart the day’s programme. According to Jaiveer, banking the poor will be a good business when services are designed for their needs and they are within their reach. Technology …

SME Loans

Once a Ninja, always a Ninja: delivering in style with Lai Chang Wen

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While Deadpool continues to slice and dice up baddies with his Ninja-esque shenanigans at the box office, we sat down with another renegade, logistics disruptor and quite literally a Ninja master, Lai Chang Wen, CEO and founder of Ninja Van Logistics for a quick chat on his motivations, aspirations and his thoughts on Napoleon Bonaparte (just kidding Pierre!). After an …

Garry Collins

Gary Collins and the disrupted future of banking

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Whilst the leading fintech startups like to see themselves as plotting the future of the financial services industry, it is equally true that the organisations doing the most to deliver great digital experiences to customers are the banks themselves. This certainly isn’t true of every bank, but those that are putting digital innovation first and foremost are already reaping the …


Talking P2P with Capital Match’s Pawel Kuznicki

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P2P lending is one of the hottest topics in fintech, and we’re incredibly excited to be bringing together a panel at Future Bank Asia to discuss the critical challenges facing this emerging sector. One of our superstar panelists is Pawel Kuznicki, CEO of Capital Match, who we sat down with earlier in the week to discuss all things P2P: What …

Digital Bank

Building a digital bank with Andi Kartiko Utomo

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For many leading banks, digital innovation is an incremental challenge. At the top of the ladder the largest banks are under constant pressure to innovate and to retain or recapture the number one spot in their region or market. For those smaller banks, it can often be easier to adopt a “wait and see” policy. By letting other banks spend …

5 minutes with Pierre Poignant, COO at Lazada

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Have you ever wondered who the geniuses are behind the scenes at e-commerce giant Lazada? We sat down with one of them, Chief Operations Officer Pierre Poignant, for a quick glimpse his views on logistics, E-commerce and why the late French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte is his hero. Could you tell us more about yourself, Pierre? Certainly, I’m the Chief Operations …