How are Technology Trends Shaping E-Commerce in Vietnam?

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E-Commerce has come a long way since its inception in 1972, when two students at MIT and Stanford used the 3 year old ARPANET network to transact over a small bag of marijuana. Shoot forward 45 years and the industry has evolved to a near $2 trillion dollar global market with products from houses and cars to groceries and clothes sold …

Warren Cammack

An interview with Warren Cammack, Head of Innovation at Vietnam International Bank

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We recently caught up with the Head of Innovation at Vietnam International Bank (VIB) and General Manager of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Mr Warren Cammack. In our conversation we discussed some of the critical challenges facing the future of digital payments in Vietnam, and why this topic is close to his heart. 1. Could you share something about yourself with our …


Buy now and pay later with Onelyst

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A recent KPMG report states that only 27% of Southeast Asia’s population have a bank account. That’s some 438 million unbanked. In poor countries like Cambodia, this number falls to just 5%. KPMG argues that a lack of access to basic financial services has created major barriers for people to overcome poverty by making it almost impossible for them to borrow …


Securely converting and managing digital values for consumers

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A host of emerging technologies are poised to radically personalise consumer experiences. Many retailers are feeling immense pressure to devise the perfect plan for a seamless customer experience—an experience that leverages digitisation to provide customers with cross-channel, targeted, real-time product or service information in an effective and seamless way. We spoke to Alex Chung, Head APAC, Rambus to find out how …

Tran Ngoc Thai Son

An interview with the CEO of Tiki, Tran Ngoc Thai Son

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We recently caught up with Chief Executive Officer of major Vietnamese e-commerce player Tiki, Mr Tran Ngoc Thai Son. In our conversation we discussed some of the critical challenges facing the growth of e-commerce in Vietnam, and what keeps him striving to better serve millions of Vietnamese households. Could you share something about yourself with our readers? I have the …

recommendation engines

The unintended consequences of overly effective recommendation engines

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Recommendation engines may be brilliant in improving sales for eTailers, but they’re not always perfect. We spoke to Padmanabhan Ramaswamy, former head of business intelligence analytics at online marketplace GEMFIVE, to find out how recommendation engines can work against an eTailer’s interests. Have you seen recommendation engines work against an eTailer’s best interests? This is very much much dependent on …

seamless ecommerce

Build versus Buy: Rewiring your Organization to Make it “Ecommerce Ready”

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Guest Post // Looking at ASEAN’s current $15 billion online retail sales and 19% YOY growth, the region’s ecommerce potential will continue to rise for the years to come. Source: aCommerce Data & Research Aside from the ecommerce opportunity in ASEAN, there are some market characteristics that professionals should be aware of before setting up own ecommerce operations. Understanding these …

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Payments: The Hidden Game Changer in eCommerce

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In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, generating awareness, driving sales and building brand equity are some of the top priorities for online businesses. One thing that most merchants don’t realize is the integral role that payments play in the daily operation of their businesses. As the final stop on the conversion funnel, the payment phase is a very important component …


Building a top data science team

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AI and Machine Learning are the new buzz words that everyone seems to be fascinated with today. A sprinkling of AI and Machine Learning in project plans, pitchbooks & business plans can almost guarantee and approval/funding. Most companies today already have staff boasting skills in AI and Machine Learning. But the question is beyond the jargon, do senior stakeholders / …


OCBC’s Open Vault – transforming the ways the bank works

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Unlike traditional business units, OCBC’s Open Vault functions like a startup. The idea is to sprint like a startup and work in an environment that thrives on adrenaline. OCBC has been running constant experiments which has proven profitable together with counting failure as learning points for their success. OCBC is constantly striving to innovate and improve organisational agility. In this …