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The W3C Web Payments Working Group produced the Web Payment API which has been adopted by the major Web Browsers and we’re continuing to see adoption by others in the Payments Ecosystem. With the rechartering of the Web Commerce Interest Group we’re seeing a lot of exciting new work starting in areas that are of interest to merchants, retailers, banks and others in the Commerce …

Cloud Telephony- Building a seamless experience for e-commerce & 3PL businesses

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The booming e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is no secret. There are more than 250 million smartphone users in the region. Southeast Asia’s online retail penetration level is 3% , And this presents an immense opportunity. The revenue from e-commerce businesses in 2018 alone was $3544million in Thailand . The market volume is expected to touch $5844 million by 2022. The shoppers in …

eBook: 500 executives who are changing the face of Asian commerce

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Ahead of the Seamless Asia conference, which is happening 3-4 May next year and will attract 5,000-6,000 delegates from across the payments, eCommerce and retail industry, we were inspired to put together an eBook list of 500 of the most interesting names in the industry. We’ve been organising the Seamless Asia event for 20 years now, and we take pride in featuring those …


eBook: 200 of Asia’s most interesting retailers, according to us

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Asia’s potential for the retail industry is not in dispute – any number of growth figures will highlight why Asia is a beacon of hope in an industry that seems to be in turmoil everywhere else. Ahead of the Seamless Asia conference, which is happening 3-4 May next year and will attract 5,000-6,000 delegates from across the payments, eCommerce and …


5 Reasons to Put Mobile at the Heart of Vietnamese E-Commerce

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The mobile market in Vietnam in undergoing a radical change as smartphones go from a luxurious to a ubiquitous item. You only need to look at the increasing smartphone ownership figures between 2014 (23 million), 2015 (34 million) and 2016 (c. 40 million) to realise that there is something seismic going on. With close on 72% of the adult population …

Vietnam: An interview with Erik Jonsson, CEO and Co-founder of TOP MOT

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We recently caught up with Erik Jonsson the CEO and Co-founder of TOP MOT Vietnam’s first flash sales website. In our conversation, Erik reveals what the key challenges are around the future of the Vietnamese e-commerce market and why the topic is mobile commerce is close to his heart. Could you share something about yourself with our readers? I am …

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Download whitepaper: Machine learning, security and the future of fraud

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Guest post // eCommerce growth continues to accelerate. How people pay is constantly evolving and fraud is an increasing concern. It’s a complicated, hyper-networked world – connectivity, regulations, risk, security and technology.  Who can connect the dots?  Many of the world’s most prominent merchants across a wide variety of industries rely on First Data to provide best-in-class technologies, services and solutions to …

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The great opportunity: a snapshot of Southeast Asian commerce

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With India on one side and China on the other, the Southeast Asian market has in the past often been overlooked by international brands as being too disparate, too diverse, and simply too challenging to take on. Those brands who have tried to enter the market have often been knocked back, or even knocked out entirely, due to a fundamental …


30 Asian leaders shaping the future of commerce

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Asian commerce is an incredibly exciting space to be working in right now. From the millions of people going online for the first time each year via mobile devices, to the growth of the aspirational middle class, the pie is without doubt getting bigger. At the same time there remain key challenges in place that all merchants, and the ecosystems …