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Download whitepaper: Machine learning, security and the future of fraud

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Guest post // eCommerce growth continues to accelerate. How people pay is constantly evolving and fraud is an increasing concern. It’s a complicated, hyper-networked world – connectivity, regulations, risk, security and technology.  Who can connect the dots?  Many of the world’s most prominent merchants across a wide variety of industries rely on First Data to provide best-in-class technologies, services and solutions to …

Download Report: Is your company’s data secure?

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Everyday, we make choices that can affect privacy and the security of information we are dealing with, either online or offline. Information security, defined as the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, is becoming more and more a priority for individuals and for companies, too. The process of keeping financial, employee and other data safe is not without challenges. Do companies understand the real threats? Are they doing enough? The …