Emma Heap on technology, systems and delivering hot food fast

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There are few e-commerce markets that are as dynamic and as competitive as food delivery. With the core requirements of speed, choice and quality at the top of consumers list, it is a constant challenge for the market leaders to keep up with and overcome their customer’s sky high expectations. At foodpanda, Managing Director Emma Heap has taken a technology …

High Fashion

Selling high fashion online: a chat with Raffaele Giovine

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Whilst the online fashion retail space is continuing to grow apace, it is equally notable that buying the highest of high fashion is still very much a brick-and-mortar experience. This is entirely understandable given the inherent value of touching and feeling the quality before purchase, as well as the ability to provide luxury experiences in-store. Nevertheless, with the rise of …

home delivery

The new reality of home delivery

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The Asia Pacific e-commerce and retail market has seen to an unprecedented boom in recent years, buoyed by the rise of Asian middle class spending, deeper internet penetration, an ever growing supply of new e-commerce players and logistics providers within the ecosystem. Total revenue from B2C e-commerce in the six largest Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) reached …