Are we entering into an age of e-commerce consolidation in Indonesia?

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The e-commerce landscape in many of the emerging markets in Southeast Asia has, through until 2016, been a story of fragmentation. Whereas in markets like China and the US we have seen consolidation through the emergence of clearly dominant players (Alibaba and Amazon respectively), in Southeast Asia there are a host of players in each market fighting it out for dominance. In …

5 minutes with Pierre Poignant, COO at Lazada

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Have you ever wondered who the geniuses are behind the scenes at e-commerce giant Lazada? We sat down with one of them, Chief Operations Officer Pierre Poignant, for a quick glimpse his views on logistics, E-commerce and why the late French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte is his hero. Could you tell us more about yourself, Pierre? Certainly, I’m the Chief Operations …

John Berns on big data driven customer experience at Lazada

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At the E-Commerce Show Asia (20th-21st April, Singapore) we’re excited to be welcoming John Berns, the head of data science at Lazada, who will be speaking on how next generation big data technologies are allowing almost infinite insights into customer behaviour. Ahead of the show we caught up with John to talk big data, analytics-driven business planning, and his industry …