From click to clean, the Kilk’n’Clean way with Steven Ghoos

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Indonesia has a young, vibrant and rapidly evolving digital economy with an estimated 203,311 startups. These startups play a crucial role in building the country’s digital climate, as half of the country’s most popular sites were locally developed. Among them, Klik’n’Clean, an app for booking cleaning services, its co-founder and CEO is Steven Ghoos. A Rocket Internet alumni, he is the …

10 exciting entrepreneurs set to speak at Seamless Philippines 2017

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With more than 80 speakers already confirmed to participate at Seamless Philippines 2017, the show is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. Over the coming months we’re going to be bringing you highlights from the line-up to whet your appetite ahead of the doors opening on 27th September at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila. With that …


“Winter” in US & Valley need not mean shakedown in emerging markets

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Start-ups in India and parts of Asia catch cold when US unicorns sneeze. They don’t have to but even century old habits well past their expiry dates die hard . Enough has been said about the downturn that has descended on start-ups in 2016, primarily led by melting of unicorns (about time!). In this regard, I came across two thoughtful …


Talking P2P with Capital Match’s Pawel Kuznicki

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P2P lending is one of the hottest topics in fintech, and we’re incredibly excited to be bringing together a panel at Future Bank Asia to discuss the critical challenges facing this emerging sector. One of our superstar panelists is Pawel Kuznicki, CEO of Capital Match, who we sat down with earlier in the week to discuss all things P2P: What …