An interview with Pao Siddhigu, Co-Founder at FITCRAZE

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Could you share something about yourself with our readers? My name is Pao Siddhigu. I am the co-founder of FITCRAZE THAILAND, an online e-commerce platform that sells local & international active wear brands and sport accessories for women and men. I am working on the business development part of the company , looking through marketing and strategies. Before Fitcraze I …


An interview with Bo Kristensen of Chope Thailand

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We recently caught up with Bo Kristensen the GM for Chope Thailand. In our conversation, Bo reveals what he will be speaking about at Seamless Thailand and why this topic is close to his heart. Could you share something about yourself with our readers? I have worked for 25 years with business development and management within the fields of information …


The Future of Payments in Thailand

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As of December 2016 there were 15 million internet banking users and 20.8 million mobile banking users in Thailand according to central bank statistics. In September, there were 24.5 million internet banking and 66.8 million mobile banking transactions, with transaction values of 2,473 billion Baht and 584 billion Baht respectively. With all this in mind, the future of payments in …