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Subsea Soundbites: Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, Cinia Group

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In September last year, we sat down with some of our attendees at Submarine Networks World 2015 to get their take on the current state of the subsea world, and the future they envision for the business. This interview is part of the e-book series “Subsea Soundbites” which can be downloaded here. In this post, we speak with Jukka-Pekka Joensuu, Executive Vice President, Cinia Group.

What can the industry expect from Cinia Group in this coming year?

Cinia Group is a cloud and infrastructure company, and we’re building a cable between Finland and Germany, to make Finland and the Nordic area an attractive data hub for international and European players. We’re very busy now laying the C-Lion cable, which will start in Helsinki and end in Rostock, Germany, and we’re expecting it to be ready between Q1 – Q2 next year.

How are you finding the event so far, is this your first year?

It’s my first year, and it has been very interesting, for both networking purposes and you’ll also get to hear from leading industry experts on what’s going on in the industry.

Give us 3 words or phrases to describe the current state of the industry

I think the industry is facing a steady growth, it won’t be like the early 2000s but the need for data will continue to increase. The market is expanding from telecoms and big cloud operators, but also many players will have an increasing need to connect their digital factories and data centres together so I expect that trend to continue in the next few year.

What are the current and future drivers of your business’ growth?

The drivers for business growth – companies moving to digitalized platforms, companies moving to use the Industrial Internet of Things and of course the uptake of OTTS has been a very big driver of growth for the industry. We also see that carriers are also coming to the cloud space so we expect to see some very interesting developments in the next few years.

 What could be some of the potential bottlenecks in the subsea value chain?

Financing used to be a very big bottleneck, it still is but in a different way. Today interest rates are quite low so that is quite good for the infrastructure investment, but it may be hard to justify the equity investments in the short term. So finding different kind of players, bringing in equity, that’s very important. And also finding stakeholders that can build sustainable businesses together, that will be one of the bottlenecks, that we might face.


About Cinia Group 

Cinia Group creates intelligent connectivity solutions that make the world smaller and your business smarter.  We have over 10.000 km of own backbone and we are building international connectivity and sea cable connecting East and West.
With over 200 own professionals we design, build and operate nationally critical systems in open system environment serving many major traffic and energy distribution operators.  We have a strategic ambition to build and expand Cloud Backbone to fuel Single Digital Market in Europe and offer system solutions created for private and public sector customers. www.cinia.fi

Catch more of such discussions at Submarine Networks 2016, which takes place 17 – 19 October in Singapore!

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