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[e-book Download]: Subsea Soundbites

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At Submarine Networks World 2015, we sat down with some of the industry’s stakeholders and asked them for their thoughts on the current state of the subsea world, and the future they envision for the business.
With new cables being built, new technologies being developed and new players emerging, the industry’s future looks both promising and yet at the same time, somewhat unpredictable.

So we asked our interviewees to peer into their crystal ball and give their predictions on the game changers, foreseeable bottlenecks, tomorrow’s consumer expectations and more. Then we compiled them into an e-book Subsea Soundbites” which you can download for free and get some insight to the issues that are close to these stakeholders’ hearts.

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Download your free e-book here.

Have an idea or some thoughts to share on what our interviewees said?

Come this 17-19 October, we’ll be hosting over 400 of such industry stakeholders at the 19th Submarine Networks World. Get involved in such conversations taking place both in the conference and on the exhibition floor and book your place today!

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Keen to be involved? Get in touch with the team:

To sponsor: Hazel Chen | +65 6322 2730 | +65 9150 3426
To speak: Regina Koh | +65 6322 2308 | +65 9798 7247



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