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Keeping submarine cables free from any defects have become increasingly critical, with our networks reaching the stage of being “too big to fail”. The function of testing has never been more crucial than now, especially with the advent of new system architectures that require rigorous testing to ensure seamless integration. We spoke to Jim Neuens from Viavi Solutions who shared a bit more on how things are developing in the industry from Viavi’s perspective.

  1. Tell us about yourself (and your organization).

My name is Jim Neuens and I have worked in the telecommunication test industry for about 20 years. I am currently a marketing director for Viavi Solutions where we develop and manufacture test and measurement products used by Telecommunications Service Providers, Data Center operators, and Submarine Network operators to deploy and maintain their networks.

Viavi Solutions, a leader in telecom test equipment, has been providing test and measurement solutions for over 90 years. My organization focuses on high-speed transport networks and network technologies.

  1. In one sentence, how would you describe the state of the subsea communications industry today?

The subsea communications industry is realizing unprecedent growth as more bandwidth and ultra-low latency services are needed to support cloud services, video, and enterprise applications. In addition, Data Center Interconnect are also driving growth from the terrestrial plant to the submarine cabling landing stations, linking to regional subsea cables.

  1. How do you see the industry evolving in the next 5 years?

In Asia, many new cables will be deployed in the region with major Tier 1 service providers and private equity groups. Data Centers and Internet Content Providers continue to build connections across the region resulting in unprecedent growth.  Internet content providers like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft no longer just buy/lease capacity, they also invest in new cable builds. For example Microsoft’s investment in New Cross Pacific cables with Japan, China, and Korea service providers. Also, Facebook’s investment in the APG consortium cables in the APAC region.

In addition, the capacity of the cables increases multiple fold with 100G technology and future 400G technology in 2018/2019. This will push cable capacity from a few Tbps to 100’s Tbps or more. Submarine DWDM vendors will need to make sure they get optimal performance balancing signal power and cable loss budgets.

No doubt, the industry is in the growth stage whereby multilateral development banks such as World Bank and its affiliates and private investors are increasingly willing to invest in submarine telecommunications infrastructure. As a result, ecosystem suppliers will pour more investment into products and solutions making the infrastructure optimal, robust, and profitable.


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