Interview with Nick Roullier, SES Networks

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With recent advances in satellite-based communications technology, the idea of satellites serving not just as an alternative form of Internet access for hard-to-reach communities, but as a redundancy option for submarine cables has become more common today. Here to tell us more is Nick Roullier, Vice President at SES Networks.

  1. Tell us more about SES Networks

    SES Networks is a market-leading provider of global data networks, operating the world’s only multi-orbital communications satellite fleet. The company delivers world-class, differentiated networks and services to customers and partners in Fixed Data, Mobility and Government markets anywhere they need it.

  2. In one sentence, how would you describe the state of the subsea communications industry today?

    While subsea communications are a vital and proven communications link between continents and islands, they are susceptible to disasters and interruptions—both natural and manmade—requiring a strategy for redundancy.

  3. How do you see the industry evolving in the next 5 years?

    Over the next 5 years, SES Networks expects continued buildout of the global subsea fiber networks, and improvements in both performance and reliability. We also expect a heavier reliance on satellite and other non subsea connections as a redundant link to provide near 100% uptime for telecommunications systems worldwide.

  4. What do you think is one key challenge facing the industry today? How do you think it can be overcome?

    The most impactful challenge facing the industry today is that of accidental fiber cuts. The industry needs to find alternative routes, both other underwater fiber lines and fiber-equivalent satellite links—to provide full continuity of service when any accident occurs.

  5. Why are you excited to be at Submarine Networks World 2017?

    SES Networks is thrilled with the opportunity to offer a robust space-based solution to back up submarine fiber optic connections. For subsea connectivity providers, SES Networks provides a space-based alternative to fiber that can be used as a backup for fiber connectivity, making “always on” service available with the assurance that when any fiber failure happens, service providers can still serve mission-critical applications.

    SES Networks enables equipment & software vendors to increase their value to service providers, by enabling them to become part of the solution ecosystem. Through Software Defined Networking (SDN), software vendors get increased value through SES Networks, and hardware providers are able to offer themselves as a “solution” instead of just a “box.”


Meet Nick and the SES team at Booth #13 at Submarine Networks World 2017 (25-27 September, Singapore) to learn more about the role satellites are playing in creating greater redundancy options for our subsea cables.

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