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Imagine the Great Wall of China. Now imagine 68 end-to-end copies of it.

That’s how much cable TE SubCom (SubCom) has installed globally to date in over half a century. As one of the world’s leading providers of submarine fiber optic cable systems, SubCom designs, manufacturers, deploys and maintains the undersea fiber optic cable systems that enable global communications. From connecting transoceanic data centers, offshore oil and gas platforms or subsea research networks, the amount of cable deployed by SubCom could circle the Earth more than 15 times at the equator, or put another way, to the moon and halfway back.

With a rich history and strong heritage in connecting the world’s undersea communications, we asked the team at SubCom to share their take on today’s global subsea communications industry ahead of Submarine Networks World 2017

≈ On the  state of the subsea communications industry today

While the subsea communications industry continues to rapidly evolve, the need for dependable high-capacity transmission keeps growing.  Our customers are often those looking for the most direct route for connectivity, but with a system that’s scalable and flexible enough to grow along with them.

≈ On the industry’s evolution in the next 5 years

The focus over the next five years will be on adapting to customer needs. An increasingly connected world now demands safer, greener and smarter solutions to the challenges we face. SubCom brings global experience and end-to-end network design expertise to construct our customer’s networks on time and at a lower total cost of ownership, enabling those customers to focus on realizing their goals. We will continue to place a special focus on identifying and mitigating risks during project implementation to complete systems on time.

In addition, by anticipating the needs of the industry and devoting resources to R&D initiatives, we will be able to respond to a wide variety of scenarios and the changing conditions our customers face. Our team is totally focused on providing choice and maximum flexibility (exhibited in our Open Cables offering). TE SubCom, as a provider, needs to be an expert not only in the technical requirements of a project, but also must be knowledgeable about regional market differences and always thinking of ways to “future-proof” systems for changes and challenges to come.

In short, the future looks bright. Our progressive outlook has enabled us to invest in our factory and fleet capabilities. We’ve increased production capacity and resources to be fully capable of taking on both short and long-haul projects in the next five years and beyond.

it’s often the time it takes to get permit approval that drives a project’s timeline, not our manufacturing capabilities.

≈ On ONE key challenge facing the industry and suggestions to overcome it 

Permitting remains a significant challenge. In fact, it’s often the time it takes to get permit approval that drives a project’s timeline, not our manufacturing capabilities. The key in this case is to understand the process and the likely pitfalls. Our experience around the globe has taught our team how to procure permits for one route across multiple projects. This reduces risk and allows us to take advantage of our familiarity with both the process and the permitting authorities.

Having this experience counts, and streamlines the overall project for our customers. Since 2013, we’ve safely crossed more than 1,000 pipelines and cables without having to delay an installation vessel even once.

≈ On participating in Submarine Networks World 2017

Submarine Networks World is a premiere event on our calendar. We have seen attendance continue to grow as it becomes a key conference in this region. The timing and location mean that SubNets World is a fantastic opportunity to network and directly meet our customer base – with the added bonus of thought-provoking industry sessions.


Meet with the SubCom team at Submarine Networks World 2017 (25-27 September, Suntec Singapore) , where they’ll be joined by 500 industry leaders at the only annual platform dedicated for the subsea communications community to meet, exchange knowledge and develop new strategies and partnerships.

Three of SubCom’s executives will be participating in the following panel discussions, and be sure to join them as they discuss, debate and deliberate with fellow industry colleagues on the issues that matter.


For more information, download the latest conference brochure.  Early bird discounts are still available, so get your passes here

Keen to learn more? Get in touch with the team:

Hazel Chen | +65 6322 2730
Regina Koh | +65 6322 2308

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