New Cross Pacific: From coast to coast

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Responding to ever increasing levels of OTT data traversing the Pacific, the New Cross Pacific Cable consortium (NCPCC) is developing a new subsea cable that will span more than 13,000 km from Hillsboro, Oregon (U.S.A.) to Chongming (China mainland), Nanhui (China mainland), Lingang (China mainland), Busan (South Korea), Toucheng (Taiwan), and Maruyama (Japan). This cable is being developed with a …

the northwest passage

The Northwest Passage

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If ever an internet subsea cable could be said to have a life-changing impact, then that is surely an appropriate way to describe the new cable from Quintillion that brings much needed connectivity to the remote wilds of northern Alaska and Canada. The people of this region are currently having to make do with extremely slow and costly connection to …

The ASC Cable

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During Submarine Networks World 2017 we caught up with Luke Mackinnon, Head of Vocus International at Vocus Communications who told us about their plans to bring additional connectivity into Western Australia from Singapore.  Called the Australia-Singapore Cable (ASC for short), this 4,600Km system will comprise a four fiber pair system that will incorporate a minimum of 40 Tbps of total …

New network topologies for a next-gen Internet

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What are some of the new network topologies that we should start considering to accommodate the expected boom in bandwidth consumption? Managing ROADMs – how can we improve on reliability and reduce risk? These are some topics that was discussed at the 20th Annual Submarine Networks World 2017, held last September. In this keynote network design panel,  moderator, Dr Steve Grubb, …

pacific light cable network

Pacific Light Cable Network – An update from PLDC

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Winston Qiu, Senior Vice President at Pacific Light Data Communications shares his vision for the new Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN). Despite the many subsea cables connecting Asia with the US, there are none which connect Hong Kong directly with the US. That is until now. Pacific Light Data Communications (PLDC) are currently in the process of laying the first direct …