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IOX (Indian Ocean Xchange) is a company that has its genesis in Mauritius Currently IOX is building an open access subsea cable system of more than 8,850 kms connecting Mauritius and Rodrigues Island to South Africa and India, with optional links connecting to Reunion island, Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives, Kenya, and Singapore, with a total design capacity of up to 54Tbps. IOX is currently at the manufacturing phase and will be operational in Q4 2019.

On the current state of the industry:

The number of possibilities is growing despite constant challenges of the undersea environment; the industry is evolving to meet the increasing demands of global businesses. IOX’s Open Access Cable will revolutionize and enable the Indian Ocean Island, Africa and India.

On how the industry will evolve over the next 5 years: 

The submarine industry is expected to witness high growth for the next 5 years and more. A connected globe means access to more content and information to more regions of the world, but it also means a considerate increase in demand to adapt to the growing needs of consumers. Mobile internet has been a key driver of growth and is estimated to reach more that 800 million by 2020. The underwater cable network is a critical component to global commerce, and it’s growing!

IOX is in line with the rapid growth of the industry and as a young company, IOX has come a long way in the past two years and has built a team of experts which have been in the submarine business for many years. The IOX network will provide a gateway to Africa as well as to the rest of the world by leveraging our industry connections and partnerships with multiple cable systems, ensuring access to a variety of content hosted in these geographies. This will create opportunities for customers to establish valuable linkages across geographies and industries.

IOX will ensure that it offers Open Access to all its customers. This means that customers on the IOX cable system have the option of connecting directly to multiple other local service providers present in the landing station. This is a relief for IOX customers from the complexities of dealing with multiple parties such as the cable owner, the landing party and the local service provider to ensure that they get the level of service and resilience that they need.  IOX also offers its customers the option of end to end connectivity for those who choose to have a one stop shop for their service. IOX will manage the end to end connectivity and provide best in class service levels.

The requirements of content and cloud providers will continue to shape the industry over the coming years. To ensure that IOX can provide this true open access connectivity, IOX is building its own landing stations at its cable landings in Mauritius, South Africa and India and others. IOX will also be obtaining the requisite licences in these geographies so that it has the right to be a “True Open Access Provider”

The one key challenge the industry is facing and how it can be overcome:

Funding is one of the main challenges that the industry faces along with the most common issues of service disruptions due to different causes, like terrorism, natural disasters etc. Constructing, maintaining and upgrading submarine cable networks requires significant financing.

IOX being a private cable has numerous advantages by being:

  • Fully Independent: No dependence on any other ownership party for any decisions
  • Quick Decision Making: Since all the decisions are internal, it is quick to react
  • End to end Ownership: The entire cable is owned by IOX including the Landing stations in India, Mauritius and South Africa, and elsewhere
  • Independent Operations: The Network Management and the Operations are managed by IOX itself, thus providing full control over customer needs

On participating  in Submarine Networks World 2018: 

Submarine Networks World event is a key event in Indian Ocean region and it is a great opportunity for IOX to network and meet our customer. IOX is proud of be one of the associate sponsors of the event and to share project updates and discuss opportunities.

Arunachalam Kandasamy at Submarine Networks World 2018Arunachalam Kandasamy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, IOX Cable will be presenting on “Tapping into India’s massive bandwidth demand growth” on 25 September 2018, 1500-1515.

Here’s what you can expect from his presentation:

  • Assessing the current subsea cable infrastructure in India and its capacity to meet the expected growth in bandwidth consumption.
  • New Connections for the SAARC Region and how planned submarine projects are shaking up the industry.
  • Improving connectivity with diverse distribution of cable landing stations and competitive market landscape.


Join us at Submarine Networks World 2018, taking place 24-26 September 2018 at Suntec, Singapore. Register today! Sign up in groups of three or more and enjoy a greater discount.

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to get in touch with the team:

To sponsor: Bastiaan van der Heijden

To speak: YunXuan (YX) Koh

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