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Interxion owns and operates 50+ carrier-neutral data centres in Europe.  Over 700 network service providers use their facilities to exchange traffic with one another and serve the needs of our bandwidth-hungry enterprise customers.  Interxion’s data centre in Marseille is the location where 13 subsea cable systems interact with a vibrant and growing community of interest.  We caught up with Mike Hollands, Director of Market Development, to hear his thoughts on the development of the subsea cable industry from Interxion’s perspective.

1. In one sentence, tell us how you would describe the state of the subsea communications industry today.

The degree of innovation (technology, business models, routes) is very high in the subsea communications industry today, and means the industry is making-up for previous periods of slow development.

2. How do you see the industry evolving over the next 5 years?

I think one big change will be improved interconnection between the major subsea cables themselves.

3. If you had to identify one key challenge that the industry is facing, what would it be? How can it be overcome?

The one key challenge the industry is facing is enabling all parts of the subsea value chain to remain profitable. And, while this is not a new challenge, it does remain the key one. To overcome this challenge, systems need to be easily accessible by their customers, and all participants in the industry need to keep in mind the overall health of the industry when pursuing individual company objectives.

4. Why are you excited to be at Submarine Networks World 2018?

Interxion is excited to be at Submarine Networks World 2018, as it’s a chance to gain a tremendous amount of insight from other delegates in such a short period of time.

5. What can the audience expect to learn from your presentation at this year’s conference?

One area I will focus on in my presentation at this years conference is how much Marseille has developed in the last 12 Months, including new data centres, new subsea cable landing solutions, and the presence of many new networks and cloud and content service providers moving into the city.

Mike Hollands will be participating in a panel discussion “Redefining the meaning of hubs – Opportunities arising from a global network topology” on 26th September, 15:10 – 16:00. 


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