Infinera: The Current and Future State of Subsea Cables

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Submarine cables have been a tremendous boon to our daily lives. From streaming videos on Netflix, to conducting business over Skype, to keeping in touch with family and friends around the world, subsea cables have filled a critical role in providing a stable and effective means of global connectivity.

Submarine cables in the modern world

Submarine networks have been relied on heavily over the years to communicate varying amounts of data over long distances. Accounting for 99% of all internet communication, 350 submarine cables are currently running along the bottom of the ocean to support both personal and commercial use of the internet.

Previously, communication satellites were our primary sources of information exchange – which many internet users believe is still the case – but in the modern age of the internet, the benefits of submarine cables are much more apparent. Today, a single pair of fibers on a trans-atlantic network can carry 26.2 terabytes of data per second!

The infographic below gives a nice outline as to what a modern subsea cable system looks like with some impressive statistics on their performance.

The future of subsea cables

In 2018, an estimated 2.5 million Terabytes of data were created every day. This number grows exponentially, increasing the need for faster and more reliable sources of data transmission.

Subsea cables are an active part of that solution at present, allowing for more growth in the field of internet connectivity. This isn’t a straightforward solution, however. As shown in the infographic above, the cost of submarine cable installation is hundreds of millions of dollars depending on the length. After being installed, however, they’re an exceptionally powerful investment.

Ultimately, as internet consumption continues to grow, so will the need for greater bandwidth capacity at a global scale.

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