[e-book Download]: Subsea Soundbites II

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Whether you attended the talks, rushed for all the possible meetings, or drank your way through our parties, chances are you missed some parts of last year’s Submarine Networks World. And that’s okay, everyone did. It’s impossible to take everything in and not miss something. That’s why we are here to help you catch up on some of the interesting things …

SEA-ME-WE 5 construction completed

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The SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium announced today the completion of the 20,000- kilometre subsea cable infrastructure developed by a 16-nation consortium. This submarine cable system won the Project of the Year – Subsea award at the Global Carrier Awards in Paris in November 2016 for its technological and managerial excellence. The SEA-ME-WE 5 submarine cable’s advanced 100Gbps technology is expected to …


Submarine Networks World 2016: Wrap-up and Event Highlights

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The 19th annual Submarine Networks World was held from 17 – 19 October at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. With a two-day plenary programme and a post-conference day, the event achieved a 45% growth from 2015, with a total of 462 attendees on-site from 204 organisations across 57 countries! This year’s programme set out with the intention of pushing the industry to …

ultra-low latency networking

A New Era of Ultra-Low Latency Networking

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The need for ultra-low latency networking is driving the evolution of the undersea cable market. Connecting A to B is not good enough anymore. Enterprises and service providers are delivering Cloud, Content and Next-Generation Communications services globally and that demands ultra-low latency networking. These applications and ecosystems are influencing the planning and delivery of new cable systems as it becomes …

[Press Release] AAE-1 submarine cable, the next-generation intercontinental superhighway on track for launch

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The Asia Africa Europe-1 (AAE-1) consortium confirms today that AAE-1 has landed successfully in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. With almost all of the undersea cable installed and 15 shore-end landings, AAE-1 is confirmed to start commissioning before end 2016 and on track to enter service by Q1 2017. Upon completion it will provide the lowest latency, express …

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Submarine Networks World takes place next month!

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We’re just days away from  the 19th annual Submarine Networks World and preparations are underway for what looks to be our largest edition ever! With over 70 speakers, more than 30 sponsors and exhibitors and close to 400 attendees already registered, get ready for a time of more networking, insightful presentations and thought-provoking debates as we deliberate the future of …

Shaping the Future of Subsea Communications

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When Aqua Comms attends Submarine Networks World 2016, 17-19 October in Singapore — where CEO Greg Varisco will represent America-Europe Connect (AEConnect), the next-generation transatlantic subsea cable connecting New York to London via Dublin and beyond to greater Europe — his appearance will lend a point of emphasis to a journey that began in the spring of 2015 when TE …

New in 2016: Cable Project Poster Session

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At Submarine Networks World (17-19 October, Singapore), one of key programme highlights features our Global Cable Project Showcase and Project Developers Roundtable sessions, where delegates get to learn about the latest projects taking place. But with over 20 (known) cable projects currently in progress across the world, and even more projects in the pipeline, we realised that just having a Showcase session wouldn’t …


Imagine the future of connectivity

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Imagine a future shaped less by national borders than by global supply chains, a world in which the most connected powers – and people – will win.  Connectivity has never been a greater driving force of change than in this current century, where transportation, energy and communications infrastructure play a paramount role in linking the world’s cities into one global …


Agenda released: Submarine Networks World 2016

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The 19th Submarine Networks World takes place this 17-19 October at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre, Singapore. Gathering over 400 of the industry’s stakeholders across three days of content and networking, this is the only annual event where key decision makers meet and exchange ideas on building networks of the future. After months of preparation, we’re excited to share with you the …