SEA-ME-WE 5 cable – the lowest latency link between Europe and SE Asia

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Linette Lee, Chairperson for the Management Committee at SEA-ME-WE 5, gave us the inside story on this impressive new cable. The SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium recently completed their long-distance (SMW5) undersea cable which connects Southeast Asia to Western Europe via the Middle East with the lowest latency cable available on that route. And the 20,000km SEA-ME-WE5 cable has some impressive stats …

Deep Blue – Connectivity in the Caribbean

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As with many island regions across the globe, the current network of subsea cables which connects the islands of the Caribbean is technologically inferior. There has in fact been no new pan-regional fiber-optic deployment here in the last decade. Compounding this issue, some of the region’s primary undersea cable links have already exceeded their planned technical lifespan of 20 years. …

Interview with Sunil Tagare, OpenCables Inc

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Earlier in 2017 Sunil Tagare, Founder & CEO of OpenCables Inc, announced plans for a Brexit cable: a cable that will traverse the Atlantic from New York to Marseille, bypassing the United Kingdom. Is this another missed business opportunity for Britain in a time of political chaos, or were there more practical reasons behind its routing away from London? We interviewed …

Why we’ll see Internet giants getting even more involved in building subsea cables in the next five years

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About 10 years ago, Internet giant Google created a flurry across news outlets with the announcement of their involvement as a consortium member in the Unity subsea cable project, a new trans-Pacific system linking Japan and the West Coast of the United States. A first for the company after several rumours surrounding its undersea ambitions, its participation in Unity alongside telecom carriers …


Interview with Alasdair Wilkie, Deep Blue Cable

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Last month we interviewed Steve Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Deep Blue Cable, a new player in the Caribbean region and the first pan-regional cable system to be developed in the last ten years. Apart from looking to disrupt the market with changing existing business models, the team prides itself in deploying the latest submarine fibre technology to give it an edge over the region’s …


5 minute read – The subsea industry according to TE SubCom

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Imagine the Great Wall of China. Now imagine 68 end-to-end copies of it. That’s how much cable TE SubCom (SubCom) has installed globally to date in over half a century. As one of the world’s leading providers of submarine fiber optic cable systems, SubCom designs, manufacturers, deploys and maintains the undersea fiber optic cable systems that enable global communications. From connecting transoceanic …

southern cross

Interview with Craige Sloots, Southern Cross Cable Networks

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Since its announcement in September 2016, the Southern Cross NEXT project has hit the ground (or in this case water!) running, with the marine survey completed early this year ahead of schedule and garnering strong interest from the market in support of the projected construction costs. Before he joins us in Singapore next week, we spoke with Craige Sloots, Director …

Interview with Nick Roullier, SES Networks

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With recent advances in satellite-based communications technology, the idea of satellites serving not just as an alternative form of Internet access for hard-to-reach communities, but as a redundancy option for submarine cables has become more common today. Here to tell us more is Nick Roullier, Vice President at SES Networks. Tell us more about SES Networks SES Networks is a …


Interview with Mike Cunningham, Ireland-France Subsea Cable (IFSC)

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January 2016 saw the announcement of a partnership between Ireland-France Subsea Cable (IFSC) and Tiger infrastructure to finance and construct IFC-1, a submarine fiber-optic cable system that will be the first and only direct subsea cable between Ireland and France. We spoke briefly with IFSC’s Chairman Mike Cunningham, an experienced telecoms entrepreneur whose work spans stints in Arctic Fibre, Speak Telecom and …


Interview with Martin Connelly, Commercial Director, UltraMAP

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Carrying over 99% of the world’s Internet traffic, submarine cables have reached the status of “too big to fail”, with cables outages caused by inclement weather, sabotages and/or other marine activities resulting in a a whole country being taken offline and economic losses equal to millions of dollars. As such the protection of submarine cables has become all the more …